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Meno libco-0.2.3
Date and Time 2003-04-05 19:18
State development
License GNU LGPL
Pripojené súbory libco-0.2.3.tar.gz (363,211 bytes)GNU-style source tarball
libco 0.2.3
	BEWARE: this version depends on python2.2 headers & libs -- this
	dependency will be factored out, but this will take place after copp

	BEWARE (2): The API changed quite a lot from last version...
	- very basic python support - with specially-crafted objects it already
	  works - but argument types are limited to int and return value is
	  ignored - for now
	- vastly improved co_exception (cox_*) subsystem: now it supports
	  arbitrary number of cleanup stacks -- and also it underwent preliminary
	  preparations for thread-safedness
	- introduced the concept of object flavours
	- implemented until-now-forced message apparatus as "small" flavour (the
	  destroy flag and method array)
	- implemented the event handling as "default" flavour, operating on top
	  "small" one
	- re-did the object layout - now we have data pointer instead of embedding
	  header into custom struct's (objects used to be implemented this way in
	  ancient times in then-forming libcwe IIRC)
	- new constructor style - the <objtype>_new function is generated by copp:
	  it will call the flavour's object instantiation and then send "init"
	  message to the object; "bless" is reserved for user initialisation of
	  object (and can take arguments, like the old constructors could)
	- semi-automatic clone support -- you can get cloning by providing
	  "copy_data_from" and "copy_data_deep_from" methods for your
object --
	  everything else is taken care of by libco
	- object destruction underwent some re-work -- now there is "delete"
	  message that should be safe to send in any situation; the "destroy2"
	  "destroy" methods are layered below "delete", where
"destroy2" is
	  reserved for flavour implementation and "destroy" is for object
	  implementators disposal (and shalt be called from inside destroy2);
	- co_super now accepts "exit" message (which replaces "destroy"
	  introduced in 0.2.2)
	- co_super is returned by new co_init function (do NOT use co_super_new --
	  it is broken badly)
	- most important: added more entries to the THANKS file :)

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