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phpWebFileManager TODO list

- allowed/restricted file extensions (for particular directories?)
* change submit CGI variable to fm_submit
- HTML editor for file edit (?)
* split code into several functions and create one fm_main() function;
  this decrease possibility of namespace colision in large projects
+ add support for user functions to handle output of header, footer & item
  - or better: themes :-)
  - fm_header() and fm_footer() implemented; fm_entry() not yet
* apply file edit and more icons handling patch from Robert Paciorek
  - test if file is not too large or binary
* change config file items from $phpWebFileManager_CONSTANT
  to $fm_cfg['constant']
* add norwegian translation into distribution
* 'make doc' or 'make documentation' implementation
* definedable CGI variables prefix
* definedable icons directory
* think about parsing Apache config to get info about icons
  - not applicable, is now used
* Documentation update using Ken Kizaki PN-MODULE-HOWTO and so on
  - information about PostNuke module were added into documetation,
    PN-MODULE-HOWTO added into distribution
* port to PostNuke (integrate patch)
+ file view access restiction feature (integrate patch)
  - note that this file doesn't contain path check restriction code, which is
    integrated in index.php; make it function and call it also in file.php
  - ../ in path is forbidden (hardcoded in plugin)
* create simple homepage with documentation, demo and download sections
- displaying file permissions
- remove potential vulnerabilities in file/directory renaming
* multilanguage support
- FTP support
* file edit support
- multiuser support
  - what's this?! @#$%
* file size, date
+ picture thumbnails + more icons handling (specially symlink icons)
  - symlinks are signed by specific chars: '@' and '~'
  - picture thumbnails? wtf?
* add apache "host/icons/small/" support for icons handling
- ROOT_DIR could be only relative; fix it to allow it absolute
- recursive directory removing (oh no! :)
* in MSIE there is a problem with handling filenames containing
  character '"'; if it is not a browser bug (I think it is) fix it
  - it is *NOT* browser bug; do stripslashes() on CGI data to fix problem

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