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phpMyEdit Installation     Enhancing Textile Durability: The Role of Anti-Ozone Softene
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Enhancing Textile Durability: The Role of Anti-Ozone Softeners
Denim garments, beloved for their rugged appeal and timeless style, often face challenges related to color retention and fabric quality. One critical issue is ozone fading, which occurs when denim is exposed to sunlight and environmental factors. To combat this, the textile industry relies on anti-ozone softeners.Get more news about Anti Ozone Softener ,you can vist our website!

Understanding Ozone Fading
Ozone fading refers to the gradual loss of color intensity in denim due to exposure to ozone gas. It affects the vibrancy of indigo dyes, leading to a less appealing appearance. To address this, anti-ozone softeners play a crucial role.

What Are Anti-Ozone Softeners?
Americos Anti-Ozone: Originally formulated to provide excellent ozone fastness, Americos Anti-Ozone combines special anti-ozone chemistry with efficient waxing properties. When applied to denim, it prevents damage to color and ozone fastness caused by sun exposure. Additionally, it acts as a sewing and napping lubricant, enhancing the performance of cellulosic, wool, and synthetic fiber goods.
Sofmatic DM-3211: This softener is specifically designed for denim garment washing dyed with indigo dyestuff. It reduces and slows down yellowing of the fabric while imparting a soft and bulky handle. Rewetting treated yarn or fabric becomes easier with Sofmatic DM-3211.
Application and Benefits
Padding Process: Apply 10-60 g/l of Americos Anti-Ozone on dry goods (100% pick-up) at room temperature.
Exhaust Process: Use 1-6% Americos Anti-Ozone (based on weight of goods). Adjust pH for cellulosic fibers (6-7) or synthetics (7.5-9.0).
Temperature: 32°C - 54°C (90°F - 130°F), followed by hydros extraction and conventional drying.
Compatibility: Americos Anti-Ozone works well with nonionic, anionic, and cationic systems.
Benefits: Improves ozone fastness, minimizes needle breakage, and imparts a soft hand to fabrics.

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