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Barese     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 02:20
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How can this man talk to himself for so long? The sneering day is an eye-opener today. Beauty? This Mo Xiaoyan has seen what he used to look like, so he called him so? Is it difficult that his appearance is not simple, but an arranged conspiracy? Did not think deeply, within a day of the true strength of the countercurrent and struggling to lift gas, coupled with Mo Xiaoyan do not know the weight of a hug, Bishui Palace Lord sneer at the sky finally can not bear. I fainted.. "The sky." In the dusk, the beautiful woman smiled and waved, and a beautiful little boy threw himself into her arms and sweetly called "Niang". The woman smiled gently and held the little boy in her arms and kissed him, "Niang's good baby.." Suddenly, the blood was red all over the world, the woman's beautiful face was twisted, and the blood-stained sword ran across the little boy's face, making a blood mark between his eyebrows and eyes. Mother! Mother.. The little boy covered his eyes, wondering how he could have been treated like this, but still timidly tried to get close to the woman. Mother? The woman stared at the little boy as if she had just woken up from a dream. "Yes, this is his child …" "Mother?" Sensitive to the crisis, the little boy wanted to pull the woman regardless of his pain, but the woman suddenly threw down her sword and hugged the little boy, "Tianer, Niang's good boy.." Mother has returned to normal. Just when the little boy wanted to hold the woman back, the woman's expression suddenly changed, and her long fingers clasped the little boy's neck. "God, large inflatable water slide , be good, it'll be all right in a minute." At this time, the woman's face actually burst into a smile, absolutely gorgeous and gentle, "Niang will go with you right away, we go far away, never let him find it again.." "Mother.." No No Niang- Shouting, sneer at the sky suddenly opened his eyes, Inflatable outdoor park , dazzling sunshine came into view, so that he could not adapt to the moment to close his eyes. Open your eyes again, and what you see is green. Are you awake? A pair of concerned eyes came over, yes. Don't laugh? He sat up suddenly. How could he be so careless that he fainted in front of others? Mo said with a smile that if it had been bad for him last night, he would have died early. Even if he had lost his power in May, he shouldn't have been so careless. It's okay, you're sweating a lot. He twisted a cloth towel to wipe his sweaty forehead and looked at Mo Xiaoyan's pale face with a sneer, feeling a little distressed. It seems that the beauty is not only beautiful, but also a sick beauty. Although the beauty's pitiful appearance is also very good-looking, he will feel heartache when he often goes on like this. Well, he decided that he must take good care of the beauty's body and take it back to show off to his father! Not knowing what Mo Xiaoyan had in mind, he made sure that Mo Xiaoyan would not threaten him for the time being. He tried to adjust his breath and turned a blind eye to the cloth towel on his forehead. As soon as he moved a little, he felt a sharp pain in the Dantian, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his face was even paler with a sneer. No, Inflatable bouncer , inflatable floating water park , on the night of the full moon yesterday, he was really weak and acted rashly. Although the three people had died, the loss of True Qi could not be made up for. Now he lost all his internal force for at least three months, and if he met the man who robbed the blood roar at this time, the consequences would be unimaginable. When his mind turned, he moved his eyes to Mo Xiaoyan. He thought that although he looked strange, he had excellent flying skills and would not pose a threat to himself for the time being. He decided to make good use of Mo Xiaoyan after a little hesitation. You Would you like to escort me to the Jade Wind Inn thirty miles outside Luoyang? Ah? Guest, guest, guest. An inn?! Mo Xiaoyan heart a throb, that is not a good place for the legendary love affair between a gifted scholar and a beautiful woman (is there? Is the beauty now sending him an "invitation of love"? I'm so happy! “…… The left and right protectors of the Blue Water Palace will meet me there. What? So the beauty doesn't mean to be with him. What a disappointment! Mo Xiaoyan heart emerged a strong sense of loss, can no longer restrain the excitement of the heart, suddenly rushed forward to sneer into the arms, head in the arms of others kept dawdling, "no, no, no, beauty, I want to be with you.".
” What is this man doing? Caught off guard, I was hugged. I wanted to break away from the body of Qi deficiency, but I didn't live up to expectations. I had to hold Xiaoyan humorously until I was happy. Only He has been dignified and ruthless since childhood. Although he is the master of the palace, most of the people around him respect and fear him. This is the first time that someone has been so close to him, except for his mother. The scar on his face began to throb, recalling the nightmare just now, sneering at the sky and unconsciously trying to break free, followed by a warm embrace, followed by a blood-red.. "Beauty, beauty, beauty." Mo Xiaoyan hugged the waist of the sneering day even more, "I fell in love with you at first sight, goodbye, love and true love until death, you can't abandon me!" What does this man have in his head? Looking at his head with thick black hair on his chest, he sneered that it was really hard to understand Mo Xiaoyan's way of thinking, but the pain in his heart was relieved by his nonsense. Only He is the head of the Bishui Palace and is called "Beauty Beauty" by others. "You.. Don't call me beauty! "Huh?" Just as he was in high spirits and was interrupted out of the blue, Mo Xiaoyan was stunned. Not beauty? That "Little Tiantian?" "Boom," the eruption of the volcano, sneer at the day to hear the sound of rational fracture, in their own discovery before the body will automatically Mo Xiaoyan-kicked out. Ah, ah, ah, "he fell out with a scream. Mo Xiaoyan got up with grievance and rubbed his head." Xiaotian, even if you don't want to, don't you have to kick me? " A long time did not see sneer at the day to have a reaction, Mo Xiaoyan came forward, found that he did not know where to go. In fact, when he kicked out, he was stunned. As the master of the Bishui Palace, he was very dignified. Although what Mo Xiaoyan did was very annoying, he should not have made such a move with his self-control. What's more, inflatable bounce house with slide , weighing the pros and cons, he had to use Mo Xiaoyan before meeting with the left and right protectors, so he shouldn't have made a move on him. Is it because of the great loss of power that you can't even restrain your emotions.

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