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"They said that it was an insult and contempt to comfort and relieve them, and that they did not want it.." Chen Yongming stammered, "They also said, when have the workers of China Textile ever been relieved?"? There are tens of thousands of workers in China Textile. Can you help them? Others say that the problem of China Textile now is not to take the form, make a show, engage in any consolation and relief, what China Textile needs now is not this.. Li Gaocheng was immediately confused there. I really thought of nothing, but I didn't think of here! He did not know how much these words had changed by the time they reached him, but just from the meaning of these words, the workers were right and powerful. This is exactly the tone of the workers, and only the workers can say that they must be true to their words, resolute in action, willing to see the benefits, and faithful. It was at this moment that Li Gaocheng realized that he had made a huge mistake again. This huge mistake is to ignore a fact that should not be ignored: that is, once again choose the wrong person to rely on. The leading group standing in front of you now is a leading group that tens of thousands of workers in this state-owned enterprise are extremely resentful and distrustful, and the two thick stacks of petition materials for this leading group have been spread almost all over the municipal party committee, the municipal government, ultrasonic dispersing machine , the provincial party committee, and the provincial government. Just a few days ago, in this same place, you made a promise to the tens of thousands of workers here, saying that you must find out the problems of China Textile as soon as possible, that whoever is found is who, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines , that whatever problem is found is what problem, that you will never be soft-handed, that you will never be tolerant, and that you will be incorruptible and thoroughly investigate! However, only a few days later, you went back on your word and relied on the leading cadres in front of you, who were regarded as corrupt by the workers, to organize the meeting and activities. The workers think that their poverty and the plight of the factory are brought about by these people, but you let these people come to comfort and relieve the workers! Isn't this the Buddha's head holding dung and releasing the tiger to defend himself! No wonder none of the workers came, and no wonder the workers said it was an insult and contempt for them! Finally, Li Gaocheng asked Guo Zhongyao: "Can you call the leading workers' representatives over?" “…… Who are the leaders? Is it yuan Mingliang and Zhang Huabin? Guo Zhongyao was at a loss. So who are the people you're talking about leading the trouble? Li Gaocheng suppressed his anger and did not let himself break out. What's more, there are only a few of them, ultrasonic cutting machine , Ultrasonic nano dispersion , and some of them are not three or four. "Nonsense!"! I'm really ashamed of you for talking like that now! All right! Whoever it is, I ask you to call them to me at once! Do you hear me? You piece of wood! I'll tell you again, please call them here at once! Li Gaocheng finally broke out all of a sudden. He never thought that the general manager of a large enterprise with tens of thousands of workers, which he had always valued, would react so slowly! How could it be so stupid! As a result, the leader's intentions and anger could not be seen for a long time. Probably never seen Li Gaocheng lose his temper like this for so many years, Guo Zhongyao was stunned as if he had been asked a stick, and could not say a word for a long time. I don't know how long it took before Guo Zhongyao hesitated and stammered: “…… Mayor Lee, it's not us. No, they won't come. What about you! Can you call them over? Li Gaocheng set his sights on Chen Yongming, the party secretary. …… Li, Mayor Li, the situation is like this. Now, I don't know where they are at all. I'm afraid I'm looking for them now. What about you! And you! And you. Li Gaocheng asked the leaders of the companies in front of him one by one, but the result was the same. None of them could call the people in the company who they thought were leading the trouble. All the people looked around and stood there blankly, not knowing what to do for a long time.
Finally, it was Li Gaocheng who finally decided what to do. He waved his hand and said to everyone: "Whether it is a big car or a small car, all drive to the courtyard of the veteran cadre activity center to stand by in situ!"! The rest of the cadres were divided into two groups. I was in a group with Vice Mayor Guo, and Vice Secretary Zhang and Vice Mayor Liu were in a group. According to the list provided by the company, they went to the workers' homes to get a good understanding. Even if they were working on the spot, they would solve whatever difficulties and problems they had. Today can not be solved, tomorrow will continue to solve, take this opportunity, we can also seriously understand and see what the problem of China Textile is.. The two groups were quickly divided. Guo Zhongyao asked with some timidity: "Mayor Li, what about us." "You have the face to ask me!" Li Gaocheng almost did not scold, "you all think about what to do for me!"! Have it your way! Do whatever you want! "" When Li Gaocheng turned around and walked away, he didn't even look back at them again, leaving all the dejected managers there in a daze. wWw。 xiaoshuo txt.coM Choice 25 Small./Say. Txt Heaven Twenty-five Li Gaocheng first went to the home of the old factory director yuan Mingliang. His intention was not to see how poor the old factory director's family was and how difficult the economy was, but to listen to the old factory director's opinions and ask him how to carry out this relief campaign. However, when he walked into the old factory director's home, he was shocked by the poverty of the old factory director's family. He never dreamed that the family of the old director of Zhongyang Textile Factory, who used to be tens of thousands of workers, would be so poor. yuan Mingliang, who has been a grandfather and a grandfather, lives with his youngest son. In addition to his daughter-in-law and his wife, a family of five people crowded into an apartment of less than 50 square meters. Said to be two rooms and one hall, in fact, the hall is only about six square meters, and the hall of about six square meters is actually his reception room! Two rooms of more than 10 square meters, ultrasonic dispersion machine , a smaller one for himself and his wife, a larger one for his son and daughter-in-law, and a storage room of about 4 square meters for his 13-year-old granddaughter!.

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