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Dellucci     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 10  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 02:01
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Although the ancient war tree is more than ten meters high, the ancient guardian has shocked Hongxia a little numb. However, when he saw the tree of life, which was more than 50 meters high and covered hundreds of square meters, he was still too surprised to speak. This This giant tree has also stayed up all night. Hong Xia some can not believe, if such a giant tree can also become a spirit, it will show how to let human beings, no! It should be the power to make all living beings feel fear? "It is the tree of life, the original source of the beautiful spirits you see along the way." Bai Yunfei smiled and stroked the trunk of the tree of life: "It can be said to be the creator of another kind of life and the origin of its life!" Hong Xia saw Wu Meng. At this time, dreamless was sitting cross-legged under the trunk of the tree of life, with a faint sweet smile on his face, like a sleeping baby in his mother's arms. No dream, he's alive! Tears flowed from Hongxia's eyes, and the joy of recovery broke through her reason. Bai Yunfei did not disturb the infatuated girl, but wondered if the genius in the realm of practice was also a genius in terms of inheritance? Otherwise, why does this red cloud get the inheritance of the fire phoenix, and that dreamless, but also has the inheritance of the superior red dragon? Superior Red Dragon! Not only does it have the best "sex" of magic immunity below level 5, but also its additional dragon power, dragon breath, Granite Slab Supplier , dragon power, dragon resistance "sex" and even the red dragon transformation and other special effects, which one is not the best skill? Jealous ah ~ ~ Bai Yunfei's heart flashed this word, and then self-deprecating cold hum way: "Hum, you this pair of people, talent again good, or have to work hard for me!"! If I don't squeeze you out of the last drop of oil and water, White Marble Mosaic , I will not be the true leader of the Order God religion! Heart words need to be so, looking at Hongxia looking at the gentle affection of dreamless, Baiyunfei is also slightly warm in the heart, it seems to be able to help a pair of lovers, do good deeds, is also a good feeling. Is this feeling the sense of justice and morality in the mouth of the Virgin Mary? Bai Yunfei murmured in his heart: "I didn't expect that I would have this kind of thing!"! But fortunately, the feeling is not so annoying. Volume 1, Chapter 48, a Step Forward Chapter 48 a step forward. Hongxia Fairy gradually calmed down the excitement in her heart. She looked at Baiyunfei and said, "I don't know what I should call you." "I am the Black Bishop of the Order of God, and I am also your direct responsible person. In the future, you will call me the Bishop. Now that you have confirmed the safety of your lover, let's talk about your obligations after joining the Order of God." "All right." Hongxia Fairy got so many benefits, naturally there is no reason to refuse, Artificial Marble Slabs , white marble slabs , let alone refuse! There has never been a perfidious person in Shushan Kensei! "I order God religion, to accept the task and complete it as the main means of operation, each time you complete the task, according to the task you bring back, we will give you the corresponding contribution points and experience points, contribution points can be exchanged for many precious props and even make you strong again skills, and experience points are the vouchers that determine whether you can exchange more things." Bai Yunfei carefully explained to the Hongxia Fairy that she was the most talented and learned person in the divine religion. I'm afraid most of the acquisition of the divine crystal will come from this fairy in the future. Bai Yunfei can't ignore it. Even for you. Bai Yunfei continued to Hongxia Fairy, "However, the difference between you and other God-Chosen People is that they only need to accept the mandatory task when it appears. There is basically no limit on the number of tasks, but you have advanced a very large number of contribution points in order to revive your lover." "It takes a lot of resources to resurrect a person." Bai Yunfei began to flicker: "What's more, your dreamless swordsman has strengthened his realm cultivation for a hundred years, but for the fragile human beings, it has reached the limit. Therefore, the dreamless you see now is already a dreamless who has gained a new life.".
” "A new student?" When it comes to Dreamless Kensei, Hongxia Fairy is always much more sensitive. Yes, a new perfect body, of course, he is still him, still has the memory of being with you, when he wakes up, everything is like yesterday, the only difference is that he will have 500 years of longevity again! Bai Yunfei's words made Hongxia Fairy happy. Hongxia Fairy even took the initiative to say, "If I spend so much of the power of the divine religion, I, Hongxia, will repay you a hundredfold. Even if I spend my whole life, I will repay the great kindness of the divine religion." "It's best if you understand." Bai Yunfei paused and said, "You must complete at least 10 tasks I give you every month. Although those tasks are dangerous, they are all within your ability. But you need to understand that if you can't complete 10 tasks every month, our God religion will interrupt the treatment of the Dreamless Kensei at any time. You can still get contribution points for the tasks beyond 10, and the experience points will be retained together." "I understand!" Hongxia Fairy nodded gently: "I want to know, how long will the dreamless state last?"? In addition Where will I accept the task in the future? "Dreamless Kensei will be able to regain consciousness in about a month, and as soon as six months, he will be able to recover as before. Of course, follow-up treatment is still indispensable, but it's no problem to fall in love with you." Bai Yunfei stretched out his right hand and gathered sand as a picture to show the 3D effect picture of Tianhai City in front of Hongxia Fairy. In the future, when you finish the task, come here to report. Bai Yunfei pointed to the location of the Blue Rose Bar: "There is a task man of our Order God religion, and he will give you the task." "In addition, you need to remember that if you join our God religion, you must abide by the rules of our God religion, not kill innocent people indiscriminately, not expose the rules of our God religion and other believers, and not publicly expose your true identity in carrying out your mission!" Hongxia Fairy nodded gently, Stone Honeycomb Panel , and after Baiyunfei gave her the first task, she reluctantly looked at the dreamless swordsman, sighed and turned into a red glow and flew out.

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