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phpMyEdit General     The evil dragon of online games goes against the sky
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Dellucci     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 10  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 02:00
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It's the sound of Szeto falling rain. Ye Tianxie got up and got out of bed and opened the door. Szeto Luoyu bowed slightly, wearing only a thin short pajamas. His white arms and a pair of plump and slender legs were exposed. At his feet was a pair of white bunny slippers. He held his chest in both hands. When the door opened, she hurriedly took a few steps inside and stuck to Ye Tianxie. She called out delicately, "Brother Tianxie." "Are you not used to sleeping?" Ye Tianxie asked. When he was close to her, he found that there was only a thin layer of silk pajamas on her body, and there was no underwear inside. It's all right, but I'm a little scared when I sleep alone. As Szeto Luoyu spoke, his fragrant and soft body clung tightly to Ye Tianxie's arms, deliberately rubbing slowly, his breasts pressed close to his chest, tender and smooth as congealed fat, and even his words spit out a fiery breath. Ye Tianxie's eyes moved slightly, and through the front, which was greatly opened by the huge chest, he saw the inside at a glance. Szeto Luoyu did not wear a bra, but a pair of them did not show any drooping, tall and straight, showing double pills overlapping, exquisite and convex, between the words, the huge ones also rose and fell, and the clear two points in front of the chest also went up and down frequently, very attractive, Ye Tianxie's heart fire almost "rubbed" a day to burn up, and as Szeto Luoyu's body rubbed, burning more and more intense. Brother Tianxie, do you sleep well in bed? Szeto Luoyu put his arms around Ye Tianxie's neck and said delicately. At this time, she seemed to be drunk. Drunk red fumigation. Pink face with spring, no deliberate charm. The appearance of a tipsy smile is already very attractive. At the same time, he twisted his body coquettishly, rubbed his body with his chest again and again, raised his neck and opened his mouth to breathe. Goblins. Women with big breasts are goblins! Just look at the towering fullness on her chest that can't help shaking. Ye Tianxie's ears echoed with the bone-eroding spring sound that Szeto made every time it rained under him. He smelled the strange smell on her body, put his hands on her shoulders and felt the tender and smooth powder muscle, slowly down, across her proud and dangerous curve. The heart is burning more and more vigorously. Is it all right. Situ Luoyu opened his misty eyes like silk, his eyes were bright, and his voice seemed to be coquettish and seductive. She suddenly hugged Ye Tianxie's neck forcefully, stood on tiptoe, stuck to his lips, and put her fragrant and cool little tongue directly into his mouth. The girl is so active, why does Ye Tianxie need to be polite to her, straight up, two people forget love to suck, body fluid exchange, face detection android , kiss melancholy lingering. Szeto Luoyu moved his hands and untied Ye Tianxie's jacket, exposing his chest. Then, he suddenly lifted his pajamas and bounced out two snow-white pink meat like a full moon. Then he rubbed Ye Tianxie's chest and squeezed it. She knows that her appearance is not as good as Sophie and Chen Xin, not as good as Meng Yu Yi, but she knows where her attractive place is, so she will bring the advantages there into full play. The extremely delicate skin touch was like a pearl grinding powder, which made Ye Tianxie's whole body burn. The tip of her tongue was out of control, which made her mouth roll and twine. The kiss was hot and wet, and the sound was loud. Her hands suddenly stretched out and picked up a pair of her tall and straight from both sides, kneading them like dough. Ear suddenly came Szeto rain trembling gasp, his body forward, Szeto rain directly to the door, both hands hard, almost to rub her to explode. Boom! The door next door suddenly opened, Sophie came out, and at a glance she saw two bare-chested men and women doing things. Chapter 837 two women fight for their husbands (part two). Chapter 837 two women fight for their husbands. "Ah.." You, you! Hearing the sound, Ye Tianxie opened his eyes and instinctively wanted to separate from Situ Luoyu. But unexpectedly, instead of retreating as instinctively as he did, Szeto Luoyu suddenly stepped forward, hugged him tightly, stretched out his pink tongue forcefully, stirred his mouth, and brought up the sound of water.
You, you, you. Stu falls in the rain!!! Sophie's beautiful face first red and then white, slender eyebrows are up, just two people's movement is quite big, that is, the room has a good sound insulation effect still spread to her ears. Looking at his own day evil was actually hugged and kissed by another woman, but also with this kind of kiss that made her blush. She has always been reserved, and Ye Tianxie's kiss has always been limited to the touch of the lips, which is as bold as Situ Rain. Jealousy and anger were burning at the same time. She quickly stepped forward and pushed Szeto Luoyu away with her great strength. Then she held Ye Tianxie's arm firmly, fearing that she would be snatched away by the witch again: "Szeto Luoyu!"! Who told you.. You Who told you to touch my God! Szeto rain's body was pushed away, the chest of the two large groups of pink meat up and down a wave surge, the tip of the two pink gems are also shaking the track of people spurting blood, see Ye Tianxie's eyes a burst of beating, the body's temperature is obviously rising a few minutes, see Sophie's eyes jump at the same time, jealousy is rising with it.. She had to admit that such scenery could never appear on her body. Being pushed away so roughly, Szeto Luoyu's anger also went up. She put one hand in her waist and pointed at Sophie with one hand and shouted: "You!"! You pushed me! He is my evil brother, is my Situ Luoyu's man, why can't I touch him! It's you! I'm making out with my evil brother, and you're so impolite to run out and interrupt me and push me away. It's too much! When she spoke, she didn't even put down the jacket she pushed up by herself. Although her body was pushed, her chest was too big and tall. If she didn't pull it down hard, her pajamas couldn't slide down by themselves. It was tightly stuck on her chest. When she spoke, she held her chest high and shook up and down with her breathing, stimulating Ye Tianxie's eyes.. It was clearly a demonstration against Sophie. Who says Tianxie is your man! He is my Sophie's, and you are just the little lover I agree with Tianxie's brother outside! You're not allowed to touch him without my permission! Sophie said angrily.

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