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Agostino     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 01:54
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"If you don't say it, we don't think it's a bit wrong for you to say it." I slightly spooked way: "No, it's a ghost market!" Car war way: "That's what I think, but we still want to go in and have a look. This kind of thing is really rare. Although there are legends in Jianghu, I just think it's superstition. Now we've seen it ourselves, how can we avoid it?" "What's the danger?" Asked Jiang Yingji. Car war way: "Wulin legend, once this kind of thing happens, first, don't talk to each other, second, don't have business transactions, no matter how hungry we are, we can't eat his food, the most important thing is not to have conflicts." Although the two girls are rare masters in Wulin, they are girls after all, and they always feel a little creepy at this time. Che Zhan took the lead and went straight to the market, but the two girls were close to him. Less than half a mile into the city, I saw people coming and going in the city. There was nothing unusual. Yu Weiwei said to Che Zhan, smart board interactive whiteboard , "Are we wrong?" Car war way: "You can't go wrong!" Jiang Yingji whispered: "Everything is sold, and there is nothing unusual in all walks of life!" Car war way: It's very lively, isn't it? The whole town is full of voices, talking and laughing. Yu Weiwei suddenly said, "Ah Zhan, look, isn't that old man Wen?" Car war nodded: "There are still a lot of living inside!" After a while, 65 inch smart board , Wen Bu-ming came to him. As soon as he saw the three of them, he seemed to be stunned. "You.." he said. Car war laughed. "If you dare to speak, I'll be relieved, or I'll think you're a citizen of this city!" Wen Bu Ming sighed: "So you're alive, too, boy, you already know?" Yu Weiwei hurriedly said, "Old man!"! Is this really that kind of town? Wen Bu Ming nodded and said: "When you meet acquaintances, you'd better not talk to them. I just believed you before I opened my mouth, old man!" He suddenly pointed to the left side of the crowd middle-aged way: His name is Ma Zhonghe! I saw with my own eyes that he died five days ago at the hands of a hall leader of the North Pole Sect, but now he is swaggering away. He is a master of northern Xinjiang! Jiang Yingji frightened track: "Then why are we still here?" The old man said: "Now that you know the taboos, there is absolutely no danger. The problem is that your heart is not natural. By the way, smart interactive whiteboard , 4k smart board , is the car boy looking for the forbidden place of the Arctic faction?" Car war way: "You must know?" The old man said: "In terms of seniority, Gu Bufan is a generation younger than me. In terms of scheming, he is the best in the martial arts world. He is also an expert in arranging organs. Outsiders can't know about his forbidden place. He is his own man. I'm afraid he doesn't know all about it. If he hadn't fallen into the hands of Xuanbing Nu, you boy would really be no match for him." Car war ah track: "No wonder!"! Gu Yi never told me anything. Old Man Wen said, "What you said is the ancient meaning. Are you a member of the Undercover Arctic Sect?" Che Zhan nodded and said, "Yes!"! It was an incense Lord of the former two polar sects, and now he is the Lord of the Hall. The old man said: "In the Arctic faction, even the best friend is useless." Car war way: "Have you always met the Master of the Flower Face Sect?" The old man laughed. "That's not true. I'm a close friend of the'old mouse 'dwarf Hu Lai. Without his news, how can I recognize you three flower faces? At present, Mrs. Xuanbing is trying to hook up with the flower lacquer man. Your plan is good, but if you want to find out the forbidden place of the Arctic faction, I'm afraid it will take some effort. If you move forward again, there won't be a hundred miles in front of you." Car war way: "If you have nothing else to do, why don't you go with me?" The old man said: "No!"! I'm tracking down a few guys who entered the Central Plains in the east, and I think one of them must be the one who won the Heavenly King Tower. "Did the mysterious figure really come to the western border?" Asked Yu Weiwei in surprise. The old man said: South, north and east are sealed by more than a thousand Wulin, even birds can't fly over. There are dozens of flying swordsmen among them. I'm afraid you don't know yet.
” Car war ah track: "The temptation of the Heavenly King Tower is so great!" The old man said: "There are three small magic swords hidden in the Heavenly King Pagoda. Once a successful person practices the magic formula on the pagoda, like a person who practices an ordinary flying sword, that is the death of death!" Car war surprised way: "You always want to find a harvest here?" The old man solemnly said: "It can be said that I am the fourth group of people from the west in all the martial arts world. This big net of the martial arts world has been copied from the south, north and east, and has been searched westward layer upon layer. Don't you know?" I slightly way: "We thought of it, but we didn't know it was so fast!" The old man laughed and said: "This place appears every lunar night. I'm afraid those mysterious guys will come in as a breathing space. You don't have to wait for the dawn. Hurry to the front, or it won't be easy to search all the Arctic factions back to their nests." Car war hand way: "Well, then we'll say goodbye!" Three people don't text name, hurry to leave the ghost city, straight forward, but less than two arrows, text name and catch up, a throw, hello way: Here is the food! Don't look for food from others tonight. If you meet someone, it's not reliable! Car war next pack of east and west way: "Thank you, old man!" Running to daybreak, I suddenly saw a figure between the peaks and deep valleys. Yu Weiwei said, "Old man Wen's words are really good. There are more and more people searching Wulin." Jiang Ying Ji way: "Why can't we see any of our own people? Have they come yet?" "I'm really worried about their safety," said Yu Weiwei. At this time the car war only pay attention to the left side of a particularly dark forest, when it is close to dawn, the forest is still like the sea, two women close up, Jiang Yingji asked: "Ah Zhan!"! What are you looking at? Car war way: "In that big forest, there are strange lights flashing from time to time. How far do you two think we have to go to the center?" I slightly look, estimated way: "It's about forty miles. Do you want to check it out?" Car war way: "I don't think there's an Arctic forbidden place in the forest, interactive touch screens education , but that kind of flash is very strange. It's not a ghost fire, nor a sword, nor a lamp. What kind of flash is that?" Yu Weiwei said:.

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