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"Whoo, whoo.." I am Qing Qing who was wronged. These are all arranged by the big Jinjiang system, and I'm just working! “……” How dare you play yesterday again for her. The mother of this life looks like her mother and does exactly the same thing. What the hell is this? Not long after she came to this world, the six-year-old Qing Qing was about to turn black.  He is an entertainment tycoon. Qing Qing felt that her enemies in this life were more than two dogs. What she can't let go of is her mother in this life. Since the first day, I heard her mother tell her grandmother that she wanted to foster her child in her hometown in order to remarry and pursue happiness. Qing Qing can no longer look at the face of her mother in this life. They are the same gentle to cowardly, they like to cry and say: "I'm sorry, I have no way!" " However, Qing Qing could not figure out why those who could not afford to be parents should have children at the beginning? After giving birth to a child, you didn't have enough courage to face life and raise her? Children can be left behind for the sake of so-called "true love" and "happiness". And then I always find all kinds of excuses, "I didn't do it.". I just don't want to live like this. But what's wrong with a child of a few years old? They drop them like cats and dogs, or just give them away? With what? Qing Qing, who had felt that her feelings had long been exhausted, Agate Slabs For Sale , felt a kind of irrepressible anger at the thought of these bullshit things. But no matter how angry Qing Qing is, as a little girl less than six years old. The adults don't care about her opinion at all. After Long Hanwen said she was happy to have more than one daughter, Fu Shiying happily helped her daughter pack her luggage and prepare to move into the two-story duplex mansion that Ergou sold to his father. Before leaving, Grandma combed Qingqing's hair. Qingqing clung to the fat puppy and refused to let go. Grandma looked at her with heartache and helplessness. She stroked her tender white face with her rough fingers and said to her, "You can hold it if you want.". The dog also likes Qing Qing. My Qingqing is so lovely and so likable! Qingqing sat in front of the mirror, grey marble slab , blinking her big eyes at her young and confused self. Grandma combed her hair carefully with a comb made of horns. He didn't dare to use any strength as if he was afraid of hurting her. Hey, look at this little mouth pouting, Qing Qing's mouth can almost tie the little donkey. Why don't you want to live with grandma? Grandma likes us very much. Grandma's Qing Qing is so lovely that the children in the neighborhood are not as beautiful as my Qing Qing. As the old lady muttered to herself, she gave her two lovely cornrows. The braids were also tied with the hair flowers made by grandma. For a time, the present and the past time shuttled back and forth on her body, and many memories that had already been blurred were awakened again. Qing Qing murmured to herself subconsciously. Her voice was slurred, with a tone that was difficult to understand. Her expression was as blank as that of a lost deer. They don't like Qing Qing, they don't want Qing Qing! "How is that possible?"? They all like Qing Qing! They love Qing Qing. As she spoke, the old lady stuffed a white rabbit candy into her granddaughter's mouth. A sweet fragrance in memory is constantly spreading in Qingqing's mouth. It brought back the happy memories of her childhood. It's not that your mother doesn't want Qingqing. It's too hard for her to be a woman. She doesn't have any formal job and her income is very low. Hey, white marble slabs , White Marble Slabs , why am I telling you this! You're just a kid! Qing Qing, you just have to remember that they all love Qing Qing! Grandma lowered her head and put her face on Qing Qing's face. There was an indescribable pity and helplessness in her expression. Qing Qing looked at the old grandmother, then gazed at the two grandparents and grandchildren leaning together in the mirror, and said in a voice without any emotion in her heart: "No, you are the only one who loves me!" Then, Qing Qing ran to Fu Shiying and tried to communicate with her for the first time. Mom, I'd better live with grandma. It was much easier for her to say "Mom" than she had imagined. But the result is not satisfactory, Fu Shiying originally because Qing Qing is willing to pay attention to her, a face moved.
After listening to Qing Qing's words, she immediately hugged her daughter and began to cry. Qingqing, mom is sorry for you! Mom will never leave you alone again. Can you forgive your mother? Fu Shiying cried in a crackling way, and his eyes were like a faucet with tears flowing, which made Qing Qing's clothes wet with tears. Qing Qing was upset by her crying. Who wants you to apologize? I really want to live with my grandmother. It's my turn to take care of grandma. What's more, my grandmother is more than 50 years old in this life, but she still lives alone. However, Fu Shiying simply did not listen to her explanation. The guilt for her daughter almost knocked down the fragile woman. Later, Qing Qing stopped holding the dog. Fu Shiying held her carefully all the way, like holding a gold ingot. Qing Qing is always expressionless. Under the dull gaze of Ergou, they lived in the mansion of Ergou's family. From then on, they were a family. Long Hanwen, an optimistic and foolish father, decorated Qing Qing's room in pink early. It is rare to buy a large number of dolls of all kinds. Qing Qing saw the pink rooms everywhere and felt that the three views were broken. He could only look at his silly father with his face open and hold the dog in his arms. As a result, Silly Dad obviously misunderstood what she meant. Qing Qing, it's not that Dad won't let you keep a puppy. What do you think this is? Silly Dad rolled out a pink, strawberry-shaped stuffed dog house straight from under the bed. He also carefully matched the dog with a small cushion, a small pillow in the shape of a bone and a heart. You see, how about the dog can live here in the future? Silly Dad's eyes are too sincere and shining. Qing Qing felt that she was almost blinded, so she answered, "Oh.". Then put 5366 on the ground and let it look at its house. Puppy obviously disliked that the doghouse was too low, disliked its color, Porcelain Marble Slabs , and disliked its shape. So he kept signaling to Qing Qing. Call your stepfather, can you change a high-end luxury house? Anyway, Ergou has plenty of money! 。

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