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phpMyEdit General     I am serious about recruiting students and never cheat on ma
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Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:47
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"Today, the third Master was annoyed by an old-fashioned man, and his family was not free from worry. This summer, he was bored and had no place to relieve his worries, so he especially missed Miss Jasmine's pipa fairy sound.". So, even though I have been busy recently and seldom have free time, I must come out and meet the lovely little Jasmine. With just a few words, the little Jasmine, who had a resentful face, showed her face again. She snuggled up to Emperor Guanghe softly, regardless of the other diners on the first floor, and followed Emperor Guanghe upstairs. The slave's two elder sisters also really miss the third Master, today they. The voice gradually far away, not far away Pei · old-fashioned · Xuan is not anxious to leave, he congealed handsome eyebrows, and slowly sat back. The author has something to say: Today's update, into the first more V, thank you for your support, Mada! There will be two more later, digital signage kiosk , refill ~ Thanks to the little angel who voted for me during 2019-12-29 16:35:18 ~ 2019-12-31 16:02:27. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 10 bottles of Beginning of Spring; 5 bottles of toffee on Sunday; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 26 Su Yuyan did not notice the new line of people at first, but Pei Xuan suddenly condensed down the face, aroused her curiosity. -Third Master? At this age, he looks very powerful, well, and Pei Xuan's attitude. "Aren't we in a hurry to go, interactive kiosk price , Lord Pei?" Pei Xuan a little headache, he never expected, will meet in such a place and the emperor, if he is here alone, he must stay to find out. If Emperor Guanghe had acted absurdly and crossed a certain bottom line for the monarch, he would surely have written a memorial to the throne and sternly admonished the emperor after finding out the context. But tonight, his side more than a woman disguised as a man also thief clever Su Yuyan, if he chose to stay to inquire about the situation, this girl will certainly be able to expose the identity of Guanghe Emperor in disguise. Pei Xuan closed his eyes and did not want to imagine how Su Yuyan would react if she knew about the absurd behavior of Emperor Guanghe. Will she follow suit? Will it become more and more capricious and fearless? After all, the king of a country took the lead in ignoring the laws and decrees of the court, which did not play a very good role model. Pei Xuan did not find that his attitude towards Su Yuyan's education is not only aimed at the standard of ordinary boudoir women. Unconsciously, he seems to have raised each other as a son and nephew, many boudoir daughters should not be involved in the field, outdoor digital signage displays , temperature screening kiosk , Pei Xuan have acquiesced in the participation of Su Yuyan, and even want to help her grow up in some ways. However, because he can not ignore each other's ladylike status, get along with each other, a little less calm and natural, can not be like the previous education of students, let them be strong in the wind and rain, selfless and severe. It was this complex and subtle change that made Pei Xuan not choose to leave the "surprise" restaurant immediately. Miss Su, do you know that the owner behind this restaurant is the dignitary in the capital? Pei Xuan's question made Su Yuyan's eyes flash, and the identity of the "Third Master" who had just gone upstairs was a little more certain. Pei Xuan asked this, probably to impeach the other side? He had just been in a hurry to leave, and did not particularly care who was behind him, but now asked me directly, this change is because of the third master? Yes, the problem of indecency can be big or small. Pei Xuan is the head of the Ducha yuan, not the head of the security inspection department in the capital. He pays attention to this only because the bad atmosphere here has affected a very important person. She poured Pei Xuan a cup of tea, and then slowly opened his mouth: "If my subordinates did not investigate the mistake, seven points may be, it should be King Xin." The answer made Pei Xuan's eyes sink slightly. King Xin is the brother of your majesty today, four years younger than today, and is the most favored by the queen mother.
After Emperor Guanghe ascended the throne, he trusted the younger brother of his mother. Knowing that he loved military affairs, he asked him to take charge of and train fifty thousand infantry in the suburbs of Beijing. It can be said that he entrusted part of the responsibility of guarding the imperial capital Luojing to His Highness King Xin. And since His Highness King Xin took over the military seal, his performance has been remarkable. Apart from concentrating on training fifty thousand infantry, he never participated in other government affairs in the court, nor did he associate too closely with the senior officials in the court. In the case of Shangyun Temple two years ago, Emperor Guanghe chose not to delve into the role and role of King Xinwang and cherished the precious and fragile royal brotherhood. Miss Su, are you sure? King Xin had always been loyal and brave. How could he know that the court law forbade geisha to sing and perform in restaurants and restaurants, but he still violated it so brazenly? If he ran a restaurant here, it would be harmful to his reputation. "Perhaps for profit?" Su Yuyan raised her eyebrows doubtfully. Pei Xuan shook his head and said, "Your Highness, King Xin, cherishes feathers. You are not a person with shallow eyes." Su Yuyan disagreed with Pei Xuan's aloofness: "The price of food and wine here is too high, and the people in Luojing are rich, and many families are not stingy with money.". Therefore, the daily profit here is somewhat exaggerated, but the amount is absolutely expensive. Lord Pei, since ancient times, wealth has touched people's hearts. Pei Xuan was noncommittal. Su Yuyan continued to try to guess: "The way of doing business here is to deviate from the trend and be different from others. It is very easy to gather popularity and expand reputation.". Whether it's a good reputation or not, it always attracts some special guests, such as the Nine Palaces. "Miss Su is careful to speak." Pei Xuan interrupted in a deep voice. Su Yuyan smiled and spread out her hands: "I know Lord Pei doesn't believe it. In fact, there is no evidence for my answer.". The reason why the seven points must be the king of faith is entirely because of something I have observed and intuition. Lord Pei, the former owner of this restaurant happened to be an acquaintance I paid attention to, thermal imaging camera , so when it changed ownership secretly, I let people pay more attention to it, and only then did I accidentally catch some clues.

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