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phpMyEdit Features     The evil dragon of online games goes against the sky
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Gaudenzia     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:43
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“……” Dusk? Even though he had guessed and heard the voice, he admitted that Ye Tianxie's heart was still in turmoil. This clearly means that in the seven-color dusk, in fact, there has always been the soul of the dead dusk, which has never completely dissipated. Today, he took the initiative to make a sound to him. Dawn Only.. After. One day Yes, please.. Save. She. I will In return for. You Please. You Ye Tianxie: ".." The voice became lower and slower, until Ye Tianxie could no longer hear it. But the voice of the thick pleading is constantly knocking on the heart of Ye Tianxie, he seems to see a man give up all self-esteem and dignity, willing to kneel down in front of him, hang down his noble head, sad pleading to him, pouring male tears. The sound is gone, perhaps, it has reached the limit of dusk. Ye Tianxie's body was fixed there, and his heart spontaneously recalled the pain he had suffered when he was separated from Li Xianer. It was the greatest pain of his life, the pain almost broke his heart, and he could never forget it. All he has to bear is separation, but it's so painful, and dusk and dawn. Heart to heart, a kind of emotional urge under the throb instantly turned into an impulse, originally prepared to leave he suddenly turned around, looked at a face of doubt Star Castellan, with direct, straightforward words asked: "Where are the fragments of the lost dawn?" [Today, December 13, the anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre, let's observe a few seconds of silence for our compatriots who died in those years..] Chapter 743 at daggers drawn. Chapter 743 at daggers drawn. "Fragments of Dawn?" Ye Tianxie asked this sentence coldly, silk ficus tree , and his obviously stiff look made the Lord of Star Ferry confused. The five words "Lost Dawn" changed his look and asked, "What do you mean?" Ye Tianxie had no nonsense, turned over his palm, called out the fragments of dawn, and took them in his hand. The glittering and translucent light flashed into the eyes of the Lord of Star Sky. When he saw the small and transparent star in Ye Tian's evil hand, his face changed dramatically and he lost his voice: "The fragments of dawn.." How could it be in your hand? It wasn't.. The fragments of dawn have been lost for a hundred years, without any news, and no matter how they are searched for, they are fruitless. Today, but unprepared suddenly appeared in front of him, how can he not be excited. This is his star city moat artifact, and even the whole star city people's belief in the tool ah! At the beginning, the lost dawn was suddenly broken, and the whole Star City was shocked. The sainted Lord was even criticized by the whole city. Even though he was forced to step down from the position of Lord, he was still not forgiven by everyone. Later, artificial banyan trees , silk olive tree , one of the fragments of the lost dawn was taken away, which caused an earthquake-like turbulence in Star City. The original castellan who left with the fragments of the dawn became an unforgiven sinner who turned down the heinous crime, even though he was so respected and loved as a castellan. Over the years, Star City has never stopped looking for the other half of the lost dawn, but nothing has been found. Star City, also gradually began to have the grace of God to recover it, the disaster is coming rumors, once stirred up the storm in the city. This is the horror of faith, the disappearance of a device, but can cause such great turbulence. The expression of Star City turned from surprise to shock, and then from shock to incomparable excitement. As Lord of Star Ferry, who knows better than him what the Lost Dawn means to the whole of Star Ferry, and what it means to him. If the lost dawn is recovered and restored, it will be a great event that will spread throughout the city, and his personal reputation will be greatly enhanced by the recovery of the lost dawn. Evil Heaven, where did you find this? Star castellan looked up and asked excitedly. The excitement and impatience on his face were undisguised. Obviously, he was so excited that he completely forgot the change of Ye Tianxie's expression before, and did not understand the meaning of Ye Tianxie's question, so he took it for granted. It was Ye Tianxie who found the fragments of Dawn and prepared to give them to him. Otherwise, why would it be deliberately revealed in front of him? It doesn't matter. I just want to know where the other piece of dawn is. Ye Tianxie grasped the palm of his hand and asked.
"Oh, all the people in the Lost Continent know that the Lost Dawn is the moat of my Star City.". The destruction of the lost dawn and the disappearance of one of its fragments caused great turbulence. It's great that you can help me get it back. You are, as the Lost Emperor said, a man who can bring great miracles. As for the other piece of dawn, of course, I still have it. With the warning, I dare not leave it for a moment, you see. Star castellan said, at the same time from the bosom, carefully took out a thing, flat on his palm. With the same light as the fragments of his hand, the Lord of Star Sky's hand was a transparent ring. But its shape is not a uniform circle like an ordinary ring, but one end is thick, and then gradually thinner along the edge of the ring, until it is almost invisible. The first thing that comes to mind is the moon in the night sky at the beginning of the moon. The moon is a ring, the stars are embedded, under the combination, is the lost dawn! Ye Tianxie clearly felt the tremor of the seven-color dusk on his chest, which made his heart tremble slightly. Before the brain of the figure of the glass fairy, as well as the original because of the fairy's departure and crazy out of control picture, so that his heart has been in a state of inexplicable riot, the sound of dusk, broken dawn, let him think of too many things he did not want to think, to touch. He stretched out his other hand to the Lord of Star Sky and said in a cold voice, "Give it to me." "For you?" The Lord of Star City frowned, and only then did he really notice that Ye Tianxie's face and tone were wrong, artificial coconut palm trees , and the original excitement cooled by half in an instant. Yes, you give it to me, and I will help you repair the lost dawn completely. Ye Tianxie said.

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