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phpMyEdit Features     Do the celestial beings deserve it?
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Gaudenzia     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:39
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Doujiao wanted to pull Xiaoliu and not let her go up and work hard. But the goblin is mad, even if her magic power is stronger than the small flow, or the same can not pull. Hiding aside to watch the fun is too unrighteous, Xiaoliu was obviously bullied just now, absolutely can not ignore. Doujiao is busy making money all day, but she hasn't missed any of the homework she should do. It's time to see her real kungfu! Turn the bean body to the left, stretch your arms to the left at the same time, rotate clockwise from left to right, stretch your left arm straight to the sky at an angle of 45 degrees, open your palm and face down. The right upper arm is retracted to a 90-degree angle with the lower arm in front of the chest, and the right palm is also extended and opened, with the palm facing down. Keep your body upright with your left leg arched and your right leg stretched. He shouted, "It will blossom soon!" Paw! Paw! To the bean's surprise, only one was hit. How did both of them fall down? She did not know her magic power, has reached the point of killing two birds with one stone, not only can separate worms to fight demons, but also can fight worms together, oh yeah! When Grandpa Ball taught her this move, he said that the most important thing is that it is useful. That's right! "Beans, I tell you, next time you dare to use this trick again, outdoor ficus tree , don't blame me for saying I don't know you." The little stream who changed back to human form was angry again. The insect demon really can't afford to lose face with the rotten grass demon. It turns out that Xiao Liu was not shot down by her! Say, her flowering magic to such a high level, she can not be unaware of ah! As for the use of moves, how can we discuss with an insect that can fly down while flying? Still have the nerve to shout to her, beans also feel that this matter is very humiliating. The one who was really shot down was a little red-haired fox rolling on the ground with laughter. Hu Xiaoyao is really can not stand, in fact, was hit in the place, or quite painful. And every time she smiled, faux grass wall , she would touch the injured place and hurt again. But even in pain, she couldn't help laughing. It was the toughest trick she had ever seen in her hundreds of years of life. She dared to bet the hair on her body that her sister, no matter how well-informed she was, had never seen such a thing. Xiao Liu's face was blackened by the little fox's laughter. "Don't laugh, be serious.". We're fighting! Hu Xiaoyao looked at the shape of Xiaoliu again, just now she was only concerned about fighting with this little insect, but also did not take a good look at what she had been beaten by herself. After watching Hu Xiaoyao, she did not move, because she could move with laughter, and even the strength to roll was gone. It turns out that the cruelest way to die in the world is not the unique skill of the old demon of Montenegro, but laughing to death. It's her fault, and I will never dare to mess with insects and flowers in the future. Beans are stupefied, she is also the first time to see, there are goblins after being beaten, faux ficus tree , Faux cherry blossom tree , laughing in the past. Work posture, beans are forgotten to take back. In this way, he looked at each other with Xiaoliu, who had been fried by Hu Xiaoyao. The little fox had no voice now, only an occasional twitch in his hind legs, and no movement except for four small black hooves. Did not think of ah, did not think of, the first time the flower insect joins hands, unexpectedly has the effect of such frightened demon, almost committed a murder case? The goblins on Dragon Ball Island are all good children, the kindest children. Aw walked out of the house and was shocked. What kind of scene is this? His little sister lay on the ground, twitching a few times from time to time, but she did not seem to be seriously injured. I've died once, but I still can't change my reckless temper. Although there were demons making noise at the door, they were persuaded to let them go away. If you have to do it, stop it. How are you now? Haven't you hit others! The firefly spirit, who stood in a daze in rags and could not see her true face, was the one who had fought with her little sister? What surprised her most was that she saw the leprechaun who helped her rob her soul at the intersection of the afterlife. Clean up the small stream, while drinking tea while curling his mouth. Hu's father must have been a tailor in his previous life. He is so talented. Afraid that others do not know their daughter is a fox spirit, two daughters, one called Aw, one called Hu Xiaoyao, but also say what, is a family without culture ah! Hu Xiaoyao was not like a fox spirit at all, but like a dog jumping, and there was no quiet time for a moment. As soon as she heard that Doujiao and her sister were acquaintances, she jumped up and down excitedly.
Hu Xiaoyao didn't care at all, and Xiao Liu cast a contemptuous look in his eyes. She was so happy that she finally saw her sister, who often mentioned that she had saved her life. Although it was not quite the same as her imagination, she just liked the Platycodon grandiflorum essence that knocked her to the ground! Doujiao looked carefully at the younger sister of the Hu family, who was also a beautiful embryo. The fox spirit family produces beauties, and it really lives up to its reputation. Look at the Hu sisters' hair, their skin, their eyebrows, their faces, their bodies. Come on, don't say anything. It's beautiful! Although Aw is not young, she is still beautiful and graceful. Young Hu Xiaoyao, not to mention, beautiful and moving. Look at how other people's children are born, and all the funny things grow into their fox's house. So far, the beans have not seen a more beautiful banshee than the Hu sisters. Compared with others, they are all unsellable. The bean took off a jade bracelet from his wrist. "Sister Hu, it's time to return this thing to the owner!" Don't mention the trouble that the Queen Mother made Acacia cry. It's okay to cry for a while. Her family's Acacia crying is endless. The Queen Mother can't bear to see anyone crying. Every time she sees someone crying, she can't help crying. She's not another God. Is it a thing to cry all the time? "Boa!"! Good baby! If we have something to say, we won't cry! Who bullied you? Tell the empress, the empress will make decisions for you, decorative palm trees , but she can't cure him. She's going to stop crying! A teenager reclined on the chair and collapsed on the chair without bones. Lying and lying lazily, but indescribably handsome and beautiful, the flower is pale compared with him. "Who else can she be except her big silly dog? That boy doesn't want her." "Yes?"? That's not bad! The boy turned against him. What else does he want? See if I don't break his legs. The Queen Mother was relieved. It turned out to be a quarrel between the young couple. The young couple can't even quarrel. There is no way to make trouble at home.

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