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phpMyEdit General     Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School]
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As soon as Guo Moruo heard this, he said that the idea was good, with praise and criticism, and that it was a very meaningful work. When he returned, he organized people to start writing. Pan Tianshou, 41 years old, presided over the teaching of Chinese painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts. From the moment he saw Liu Yimin, he was observing Liu Yimin. This moment cannot help, open a mouth to say: "Liu division commander, you overturned my impression to the soldier.". Unexpectedly, the hero who commanded the head of a general among thousands of troops was also a literati who was easy to write. What a surprise! Liu Yimin said, "Mr. Pan, if you have more opportunities to come to the base area in the future, you can run a school here.". The Eighth Route Army is responsible for all the expenses of the school to ensure that you can teach at ease. I am far from it. Chairman Mao Zedong, the leader of our Party, is a great scholar. His poems are the best I have ever seen. His cursive calligraphy may only be comparable to that of Mr. Yu Youren. If you have a chance, you can go to Xi'an to meet Chairman Mao and see his words and poems, and you will know that the Communists are actually a group of national elites who save the country and the people. If you don't believe me, I will recite Chairman Mao's "Qilu Long March" for you. With these words, Liu Yimin began to recite. Poetry is the treasure of poetry, Liu Yimin is a standard Mandarin, lamella clarifer , just finished reciting, drew a round of applause. Guo Moruo picked up his glass, touched it with Liu Yimin, raised his neck, and drank it down. Putting down his wine glass, Guo Moruo said, "I must go to Xi'an to visit Mr. Mao Runzhi." At this meal, Dissolved Gas Flotation , the host and the guest went home to enjoy themselves. Later, Mr. Guo Moruo and his party stayed in Shuanggou Town for a period of time, leaving very precious paintings and ink treasures to Ni Hua, Tang Xingying, Zhao Xiaoman and Jingjing. Chapter 727 farewell After the Japanese army was temporarily on the defensive, Liu Yimin ordered four infantry brigades and cavalry brigades of the southward troops to be deployed between northeastern Anhui and northern Jiangsu. With the cooperation of the Northern Jiangsu detachment of the Eighth Route Army and the guerrilla detachment of the New Fourth Army, they vigorously developed the base areas, formed local political power and local armed forces, and consolidated the foundation. After meeting with Guo Moruo and his party, Liu Yimin let these artists follow the army to the battlefield to observe, experience the passion of the bloody war of resistance, and accumulate material for their creation. Liu Yimin gave the artists a title, asking each of them to draw a picture album of the Eighth Route Army, accompanied by a text description, preferably with a coherent story between each painting. In order to facilitate the creation of painters, Lamella Plate Settler , rapid sand filters , Liu Yimin selected more than a dozen combat heroes from the southward troops, let them tell their growth experience and battle stories to the painters, and take the painters to the battlefield. These painters did not know that Liu Yimin's request was to prepare propaganda materials for Ni Hua to go to the United States. Originally, he wanted to make a film, but unfortunately he didn't have a camera and a director, so he had to wait until he had captured the camera and film of the little devils. When the painters took out their works, Liu Yimin praised them as soon as he saw them. The name of Zhang Daqian's group painting is Li Lingfeng. In the first picture, Li Lingfeng is a student of Tsinghua University, wearing a robe and holding a book, walking on the way to the classroom. "Li Lingfeng is a student of Tsinghua University. Like the vast majority of Chinese students, he believes in saving the nation through education and is eager to use his knowledge to change the destiny of China after graduation.". The second picture is the September 18th Incident. In the picture, there are small devils with 38 big covers, heavy machine guns and guns. In the dark night, the flames from the muzzle of the gun and the muzzle of the gun illuminated the sky. "On September 18, 1931, the Japanese army launched the September 18 Incident and the Northeast was occupied, which opened the prelude of the Chinese people's War of Resistance Against Japan." The third picture shows Li Lingfeng wearing an octagonal hat and a Red Army uniform to participate in the Xiangjiang Campaign. The following commentary reads: The aggression of the Japanese aggressors has aroused the Chinese people's determination to resist Japan. Li Lingfeng left Tsinghua University and joined the Red Army of Workers and Peasants in Jiangxi, China, and became a Red Army soldier. The fourth picture is the picture of the special assault team attacking Pingyao. Li Lingfeng, wearing the uniform of the Eighth Route Army, flew up and dismounted the Japanese cavalry on the horse with one punch. The caption reads: After the Lugouqiao Incident, the Red Army was reorganized into the Eighth Route Army. Li Lingfeng's unit was reorganized into a prestigious instructor of the Eighth Route Army.
In the first battle of the anti-Japanese war in the north, Li Lingfeng and his comrades attacked the Japanese cavalry patrol in Pingyao County. And then disguised the Japanese patrol to attack Pingyao County. The Eighth Route Army's recovery of Taiyuan began with the capture of the city of Pingyao. There are twenty-four paintings in the album, all of which are based on Li Lingfeng's experience. They are lifelike, authentic and fascinating. Kind of like a comic book. Xu Beihong painted Tang Xingying, who also joined the Red Army and created the image of a beautiful and affectionate female student who went to the battlefield in order to resist Japan. Among them, there are scenes of Tang Xingying distributing relief food in Tianjin, holding training courses for women cadres in Nangong, galloping across Jinpu Road on her back, holding training courses for women cadres and literacy classes in Dadian, organizing villagers to vote with soybeans when electing village heads and militia captains, and participating in the Jiaoji Road Campaign and Taixi Campaign with the army. Fu Baoshi painted Wang Laohu, from the north to resist Japan, first to attack Taiyuan Airport, then to attack and occupy Tianjin, and then to participate in a series of battles such as the counter-offensive in central Hebei. Other painters painted well, including the story of the Eighth Route Army fighting Japanese strongholds, the story of the Eighth Route Army catching traitors, and the story of mine warfare and tunnel warfare carried out by the Eight Route Army. The content is very real, and it is also elaborate. Fu Baoshi is good at painting orchids. Out of respect for Liu Yimin, he painted a nine-page orchid book for Liu Yimin. Zhang Daqian took Shuanggou Town as the background and painted a huge painting of "Spring to Northeast Anhui" for Liu Yimin. On the screen, spring is beautiful, people come and go in the streets of Shuanggou Town, selling wine, buying wine, all kinds of business shops are in a row, filter nozzle , a peach tree at the corner of the street is full of flowers, under the tree stands a soldier of the Eighth Route Army with a gun, watching the front vigilantly.

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