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Song Yin knew what he could do, and no problem was difficult for him. It was our Ama who brought his own dowry. If other men couldn't buy it with money, he opened his mouth and said. He has a strange power, in your eyes, there is no way out, but in his eyes, there is a bright future. He is not the kind of stubborn person, he knows how to be flexible, you do not marry me to marry, even if he is willing to be a live-in son-in-law. Unfortunately unrealistic, Rong Xu became an only child after his death, and the family business depended on him to maintain. His parents and grandmother are getting old, and he left his family to live in the Tong family. It's not a joke made up by a storyteller. A person can live so wantonly! But his heart is still very rare, at least let Song Yin feel some comfort, not because she is not likable to be abandoned, because the trend of the times, we have no way. It was snowing in the sky, and there was wind before, but when it officially snowed, the wind stopped. The snow was silent, falling without a sound, and the vermilion walls of the palace set off its sanctity, but also with indescribable sadness. She narrowed her eyes and looked up at him. "It's really as good as you said. We don't care about anything. We can live happily for ourselves.". But you know, in the end, Service Sink Faucets , it's all empty talk, because it's impossible to achieve. Neither of us is a brother. We all have responsibilities on our shoulders. I used to be able to lie to myself and say that the boat would cross the bridge when it came to the bridge, but now that I really came to the bridge, so what? I'm still helpless. She took a deep look at him. "Yesterday your mother stopped me at the palace gate. The whole family knew about it. Now not only is your family unhappy, but our old lady will never let go again. So we are really finished." He was not reconciled and said no, "I will explain to the old lady that we should not be separated in any case." He leaned on her shoulders and said, "What about you? What do you think?"? Nothing matters right now. I just want to know what you're thinking. As long as you still love me, I can cross my heart and go all the way to the dark. The fine snow fell on her face, and the cold touch made her unable to open her eyes. She tried to look at him as if she wanted to engrave him in her memory. He is really a young man like pearls and jade. At the age of 22, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal , he has reached the peak of his life. Like her, he has not experienced setbacks, nor the decadent atmosphere of officialdom, but also retains a childlike heart. This emotional dilemma is their common disaster, forcing them to grow up together. She raised her hand and stroked his face. "I can't bear to part with you. I feel terrible when I think that you will not be my person in the future and may fall into the clutches of my cousin.". I heard that the old lady and his wife wanted you to take her into the house. Is that true? His face suddenly changed. "I don't want her." Song silver heart straight to sink, in fact, there is no exact news, is she intended to test, the results of a try, as expected to try out the clue. Good, take in a girl with a different surname in the house, how many have this plan. Pity her, much more pitiful to think of a gang in the end, not to mention the problems encountered at the moment, even if she and Rong Shi become close in the future, the weak Liu Fufeng's cousin will also be a focus, maybe when it will attack. She wanted to be like Ama and Ene, Time Delay Tap , Self-closing Faucet , and live a crisp life together, which seemed to be very difficult to achieve. She once used this request as an excuse to refuse Prince Yu, if in the end Rong Shi can not escape such an arrangement, then how can she feel? "What are you going to do with it?" She asked, forced to restrain herself? If I can't handle it properly, I'll return the concentric jade to you. He said no, "I kicked someone out yesterday, but the old lady didn't like it and chased her back.". It doesn't matter. If I can't do it once, I'll do it again. "I've thought about it. For the sake of the old lady's face, if she doesn't provoke me, I'll be out of sight. If she does, I'm not the kind of person to take pity on her. No matter what kind of relatives she is, I won't miss her." This man was born in the ranks, and he was gentle, although not much, but he was not stingy to give her. The rest of the others, even a girl, shouted and killed without ambiguity, which reassured her. She grabbed his clothes at his side, held them tight, felt the narrow, strong waist, brought him to her, raised his face, and pressed his pointed chin against his chest. "I remember I told you that if we had no way out, please wait for me until I was thirty.".
At the age of thirty, I must find a way to resign, go back to the inner house, and be your young grandmother with peace of mind. My wife asked me yesterday if I could wait. There was nothing I couldn't wait for. I just didn't have the face to say it in front of her. Now I ask you, can you wait? In another twelve years, the situation in China will be settled. If you still treat me like the past, we will get married. Even if I don't want anything, I will marry you. Now it has turned into a bitter drama, and both of them are in tears. Rong Shi said, "It's really evil. It's so hard for me to marry a wife!"! Don't say anything. If I can survive this political struggle, I will wait for you whether you marry me or not. I have no face to force you to do anything with me now. You could have protected yourself. If you make a decision with me, I'm afraid you will be involved. It's not a bad thing for my wife to do so. I'll come to you when I'm qualified to marry you. At first, his confused brain suddenly Pure Brightness, hugged her hard, and then gently pushed her away, "Sister, I can't hurt you.". In two months, we will know everything in two months. You go. It's not a good thing for us to make too much noise. As long as you are firm, I know in my heart that no one can break us up. A consensus has been reached, but I feel that the treasure that has been in my pocket is coming out again, full of danger and hesitation. Song Yin stepped back two steps, snow foam fell, lost her eyes, straight into her heart. She exhaled slowly, trying to say something more, but found that she could not find the right words. That's it. It's light for the time being. It's just right to confuse Prince Yu. Both of them were busy at ordinary times. When they were busy, they could not see each other for four or five days. Two months passed in a twinkling of an eye. Guo Zhuer is about to give birth. She has no contact with Rong Shi. Maybe Prince Yu will trust her more. When the time comes, he will cooperate with Rong Shi. If he is lucky, Flush valve price , he may be able to defeat him at one stroke. She turned to the door, and he ran after her blankly. "I'll be waiting for you." Without turning back, she stepped across the threshold and walked away step by step.

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