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phpMyEdit General     What is American Airlines' Pet Reservations Policy?
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american airlines reservations have a very accommodating policy for pet reservations. American airlines allow 7 kennels, while American Eagles allows 5 kennels. The carrier must keep pets under their seats, and the doors of the carrier must remain closed throughout the flight. They will not allow pets to board their flight if there are adverse weather conditions (i.e. temperatures above 85deg Fahrenheit or below 45deg Fahrenheit).

A $125 fee is charged per carrier. This applies both within the United States, Canada, Mexico Central America and Colombia. On flights to Hawaii, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay, pets are not permitted in the cabin. They won't allow pets smaller than 8 months old. To travel in the cabin, the pet and the carrier must weigh at least 9kg. Certain breeds of dogs and cats are not allowed to fly with the airline. You should travel in a cabin with dimensions 48cmx33cmx22cm and 101cmx68cmx76cm, respectively.

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| airlines reservations/

kenwood     Založený: 15.03.2022   Príspevky: 1178  
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