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ep General     Standard Wrap Molded Belts vs Raw Edge Cog Belts
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Consider for occasion the variations between fashionable wrap molded belts in assessment to the uncooked facet cog designs. The cog belts, with their notched or cogged design, are capable to make the curve round the arc of the sheave in a smaller diameter than the wrap molded. This may imply the force can be a smaller diameter pair of sheaves. Smaller diameter will suggest decrease value given that there is much less steel in the sheave. When thinking about smaller diameter sheaves it is necessary to make sure that minimal sheave diameters fall inside the requirements encouraged with the aid of NEMA to decrease motor shaft loads
What is the advantage of synchronous belt over other belts?

The raw edge of the cogged designs generally have a higher coefficient of friction compared to the wrap molded. That can translate to greater electricity transmitted for a given utility in contrast to the wrap molded. There may additionally be functions in your facility the place the wrap molded belt existence is much less than it as soon as was once due to an amplify in load; and in such a situation, altering to a cog belt can also end result in an elevated belt drive. Cog belts can furnish up to 30% extra HP capability than wrap molded. One apparent trade-off of cog belt versus wrap molded is cost.... Cog belts value more. But, that greater capability for a given dimension belt can translate into fewer strands required for a given load. Decrease a sheave from 4 grooves to three and that decrease quantity of cloth in the sheaves can translate to savings.

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