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ep General     "Liniker" punched Liverpool fans who came out to c
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limited     Založený: 08.12.2020   Príspevky: 34  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2021-02-15 10:22
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Former Leicester City striker Gary Liniger defends Jürgen Klopp after some supporters expressed their desire for the club to dismiss him.

Liverpool have lost 3 Premier League games in a row This widens the distance between them and the Manchester City crowd that it is almost slotxo impossible to catch up. The chances of reaching the top four are still fading as Chelsea, whose midweek program will immediately overtake the Reds, should they beat their opponents.

Although the team's condition had not been improved since the start of the season due to the absence of Van Dijk, Shota and Joe Gomez, some fans have expressed their frustrations behind their beloved team losing to Les. Ter City went 3-1 despite first leading off from Mohamed Salah's shot.

Recently, former England striker Gary Liniger, a BBC guru, tweeted out defending the German footballer and blamed fans for thinking of kicking him out of his position.

"Let me ask a few questions for the little Liverpool fans who want to kick Klopp from his position: are you guys crazy?"

Kierraajones     Založený: 19.02.2021   Príspevky: 1  
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