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phpMyEdit Installation     phpMyEdit and PHP 5
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Leon     Založený: 19.01.2012   Príspevky: 7  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2013-11-20 09:34
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My webhost has upgraded to php5 and I had to upgrade my joomla website to joomla ver 2.5 (from 1.5) I used phpMyEdit sucessfully on the 1.5 website. Now, however, all I get is a blank screen when I click on my previous links. I assume that this is due to the php version upgrade however, no search gives me a later download than phpMyEdit 5.7.1 although I see references from Sab in the post "Install Problem php 5." to a version of phpMyEditClass that is amended to cater for php5. The link in the forum - here is the source code of phpMyEdit 5.4 for PHP5 - leads to a page with a 404 error. Could somebody please provide a working link to the phpMyEditClass file that works with php5? (I also wrongly posted this message as a reply in the above post. Please feel free to delete from there.)

doug     Založený: 10.02.2003   Príspevky: 1012   Bydlisko: Denver, Colorado (USA)
Príspevok Zaslal: 2013-11-20 11:03
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I have used the current distribution with PHP 5 on 100 websites without problem. I suspect you need to set error_level / error reporting to report all errors, also check server error logs.

Leon     Založený: 19.01.2012   Príspevky: 7  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2013-11-20 15:53
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Hi Doug,
As per usual, thanks for the prompt response. The error messages solved my problem. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Pyarsekaho     Založený: 25.03.2015   Príspevky: 1  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2015-03-25 11:41
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I also have to same problem. PLEASE, anyone out there answer this question.?????


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