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phpMyEdit Installation     Yunhai Yugongyuan-Liang Yusheng _ txt novel paradise
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Girolamo     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 12  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 02:11
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So he opened his eyes wide and waited for him to go on, but the old man stopped talking about it and said, "My guest, your tea is cold.". Would you like me to make you another pot? "All right," said Jiang Nan. "I just have an old habit of talking," said the old man. "Whether the guests like it or not, I just pull it apart. But in the past two days, many people have asked me about it. Jiang Nan couldn't help asking, "What's the matter?"? Say quickly, "The old man grinned again," My guest, your tea is getting cold! " Jiangnan suddenly woke up and took out a handful of copper coins. "Pay for the tea first," he said. "You can make it later. You say that thing first! "Thank you very much," said the old tea seller. He accepted the money. Then he said slowly, "My guest, I think you look like a man walking in Jianghu." Jiang Nan remembered Chen Tianyu's order. In his heart, he said hurriedly, "You're wrong. I'm just a businessman doing small business." The old man looked sideways at Jiangnan and said with a smile, "So I've made a mistake. Well, people who have come and gone this way, whether they are in Jianghu or doing small business, must have heard of this name. It was the first famous person in Dongping County thirty years ago." "Thirty years ago, I wasn't even born," said Jiang Nan with a giggle. Suddenly remembered, not too many words, hurriedly "shush" a way: ". Now, without further ado, tell me about that. The old man said with a smile, High Torque 12v Dc Motor , "This is not gossip. Let me tell you something. Thirty years ago, there was a famous person in our county. This man was the leader of the martial arts alliance in the five northern provinces. His name was.." Jiang Nan couldn't help but say, "The Iron Palm Bullet Yang Zhongying." "That's right," laughed the old man! So you must have heard the name, and it's really good! The big cattail leaf fan in his hand shook, and he was very proud. Jiang Nan couldn't help adding, "Yang Zhongying has been dead for many years. Does this matter have anything to do with him?" When he spoke, he remembered that he was not right. He had just said that he was not a person in Jianghu, but how could he be so familiar with things in Jianghu? The old man, however, was not critical of him. He went on to say, "It has something to do with the Iron Palm Magic Bullet. Although the Iron Palm Magic Bullet is dead, he still has a daughter called, called." This time Jiangnan tried his best to bear it and stopped rushing to see it. The old man thought for a moment and said, "Her name is Yang Liuqing, Low Rpm Electric Motor , Planetary Gear Motor , but of course we dare not call her that name. She likes to be called the eldest lady. She married and became a mother, and everyone in the county still called her Miss Yang. "The old man has been talking a long time and hasn't come to the point yet," said Jiang Nan. He blames others, but he can't remember that he has the same problem. The old man took a break and went on to say, "That day Miss Yang and her daughter came back from visiting the grave and drank tea in this pavilion. Well, I forgot to tell you that this pavilion was built with money donated by Yang Zhongying before his death.". Look at the green bricks and tiles used. They are all made of superior materials. The old man is now able to make a living by selling tea in a summer-house. He should thank him for thinking of the source when drinking water. When Jiangnan heard that Yang Liuqing and his daughter had sat here a few days ago, his heart jumped and he urged the old man to say, "What happened next?" The old man said, "Her mother and daughter are here to chat with me about Yang Zhongying's life. Miss Yang has promised to donate another sum of money to me for repairs." Jiang Nan frowned and said, "Is it just gossip?" "Tell me about it," said the old man. "A big monk came in. I was talking happily. I haven't seen when he came yet. Later, when I saw that Miss Yang's expression was not right, I found out. It turned out that the big monk was sitting in front of her, and the thief was looking at Miss Yang with a pair of nervous eyes. "Mother," said her daughter, "this monk is an evil one. Look at his eyes." Miss Yang suddenly stood up and said, "Old man Wang, I'll leave a mark for you in this pavilion." Call is a throwing knife? The old man spoke so eloquently that Jiangnan was startled and asked nervously, "Did Yang Liuqing kill the monk with a throwing knife?" "No," said the old man, "she left this mark on the post with a throwing knife.
"Jiang Nan breathed a sigh of relief and said to himself," This Yang Liuqing's temper is really shocking. If anyone wants his daughter, having such a mother will be enough for him. " Then he thought, "Of course, she's showing off her power by throwing a knife like this, just for the big monk to see." So he asked the old man again, "What about the big monk?" The old man said, "The great monk stood up without a sound and suddenly slapped the stone pillar on this side.." "Ah," cried Jiangnan, "so this palm print was left by the monk!" The old man said, "The monk slapped me and then said to me coldly," I'll also add some marks to your pavilion. " Say and go. Miss Yang stopped him drinking. "It's a fight," said Jiang Nan. "There's been a quarrel," said the old man. "What are you arguing about?" Asked Jiang Nan. The old man said, "Their words are like rapid-fire. I don't know what many words mean when I hear them.". Like Liang Zi, ladle son, green son. But guess what that means, it seems that two people have a grudge. Then Miss Yang said, "I will wait at home to teach on time." I can hear that sentence clearly. "Did you hear when she said that?" Asked Jiang Nan. "I didn't hear that clearly," said the old man. Jiang Nan's heart moved and he thought, "In that case, the monk must have made an appointment with her to provoke her.". No, the monk's palm print is three points into the stone. It seems that the monk's skill is much higher than that of the willow. Am I going to help their mother and daughter? Unfortunately, I don't know the date. His heart was at sixes and sevens. For a moment, he thought of Chen Tianzi's command, and for a moment, micro gear motor , he thought of Zou Jiangxia's friendship with him. He hesitated to make up his mind. Suddenly, he heard the sound of footsteps. Two more passing guests came. Although the old man was talking happily, he had to drop the conversation and go to greet the guests.

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