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Amexar     Založený: 04.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-04 02:11
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"What do you say, Colonel Rendell? I believe that the barbarians do have unparalleled fighting power, but close to zero casualties.." Did I hear you right? Burdos, the Minister of War, raised his eyebrows in surprise, his amber eyes shining brightly, apparently excited to hear the news. He was ordered by Thrall XV to come to the front to comfort the troops and to observe the current battlefield. While chatting with several senior members of the coalition, Rendell talked about the Paso collar reloading +, especially about their equipment and the power of the spar bomb. In troubled times, anyone wants to have a powerful force under his control, and this news is both exciting and shocking to the Minister of War, who is already in some trouble. Yes, this is what I saw with my own eyes. Their arrows can penetrate the armor of heavy armored infantry, while the armor of heavy knights can't even penetrate the long bow at close range. Their bayonets and knight swords can easily break the defense of heavy armor. It's terrible. If all my troops are equipped with this armor.. Hey, I'm confident I can beat him even if Prince Sherant commands it himself. Lendl's face was full of admiration and confidence. At the end of the battle, he wanted to get a batch of heavy armor of the Passo collar, but after several indirect attempts, Nail machine manufacturer , Witt refused. This time the Minister of Military Power, Berdos, came to the front to comfort the troops, and he mentioned it with the idea of just in case. However, he did not expect the Minister of War to be able to handle this matter, after all, wire nail machine manufacturers , the other side is the Shaman of the Divine Comedy, even if the emperor has something to do, it can only be a request for assistance rather than an order. Didn't you get a suit of armor? Asked Boldos. Lendl shook his head with a wry smile and said, "They are very strict in control. There is a group of soldiers who are responsible for disposing of the bodies of the war dead. Even the arrows they shoot are recovered as much as possible. I managed to get some." As he spoke, he took two arrows from the guard next to him and handed them to Berdos. "Look, sir, the one on the left is the special arrow for the standard longbow of the Imperial Army, and the one on the right is the arrow for the strong bow of the Paso Army." Burdos took it, weighed it twice in his hand, and said, "This arrow seems to be heavier than the standard arrow we use." "Not only that." Rendell raised his hand to take a short blade from the guards, took the arrow, Nail production machine , wire nail making machine , and cut it down heavily. With a clang, only a shallow mark appeared on the arrow cluster. Burdos shuddered, Lendl's personal strength is eight fighting gods, this sword cut down, even if a long sword will be cut into two sections. It seems that I really want to pay a visit to the Shaman of the Divine Comedy. Burdos reached out and gently stroked his beard and began to think about how to do it. While he was trying to figure out how to speak to Firna, a duet was going on in a small parlor in the palace of Torrisk. Although the gloom and gloom that had hung over Torrisk during this time had faded a lot with the arrival of the news of victory, several giants of the Empire were deeply aware that this was not the end. The meeting room was not very large, but it was extremely beautiful. There were already people on three wooden chairs in a small semicircle. On one of the tables were several thick documents, which seemed to have not been touched. Thrall XV sat casually in the mahogany chair of the main seat, but his eyes were looking out of the window. After a long time, he gently breathed out and withdrew his eyes and looked at the finance minister. Soros, if you have anything to say, I think.. I could not have been more surprised and distressed than by the Sherant rebellion. There was a look of exhaustion on Sal XV's face. Since the rebellion of Prince Sherant, his health had declined so sharply that even the normal reading of memorials was difficult, but he was like a stubborn child who refused to give up his favorite toys and still had to do everything himself.
After hesitating for a long time, His Excellency the Minister of Finance felt that if things had been said earlier. At least it's not you who are passive: "Your Majesty, I have a bad news to tell you, because we have to pay a lot of money and military expenditure to suppress the rebellion, our finances have been exhausted.." As a result of the war, many fields in the Central Province were deserted, which not only affected the cultivation of food, but also the resettlement of those refugees was a big problem. We lacked sufficient funds, and.. According to the original plan, the palace will also be repaired, but there is no money in the treasury. As the finance minister of the Beamon Empire, Soros felt that he was like a loan shark, robbing Peter to pay Paul all day long, and was often short of money. He blamed those big lords who ignored the interests of the Empire. They used various reasons to prevaricate the Empire, defaulted or even refused to pay taxes. In addition to frequent riots and border frictions, the Empire's finances had to pay a lot of money every year. In order to raise these expenses, he had to brazenly borrow money from the big lords or merchants, thus paying high interest. Even with tax relief or various preferential policies.. And all this can only make the Empire's finances even worse. Verse 365 The Emperor's Troubles "Soros, don't I remember transferring a sum of money to your account the other day?" It was the Home Secretary who spoke. Although he was not an expert in finance, he was very clear about the predicament facing the Empire's finances and paid great attention to every sum of money coming in and out of the finances. Soros looked disdainfully at the Home Secretary: "Which one are you talking about?"? Is it the one million gold coins that His Royal Highness the Prince of Shelland collected from the nobles when he rebelled? Hum, Lord Harper, you attach too much importance to this money. This million gold coins is a huge sum of money for ordinary nobles, but do you know how much money the Empire needs? Soldiers'pensions, refugee resettlement, military expenditure, Nail machine supplier , urban reconstruction, and foreign debt.. All this can't be stopped without 20 million gold coins, and a million gold coins is a drop in the bucket. "But what is the problem?" 。

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