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phpMyEdit Configuration     beware! Honeymoon disease, the silent threat of women that o
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Newly slotxo married women, which is considered to be a rookie period, anything is good. But who knows Many other women experience strange symptoms. After having sex With symptoms of burning vulva Incontinence Which is a sign of some disease known as "Honeymoon disease" that is what this disease is. Let's go see

What is honeymoon disease?
Honeymoon syndrome is a disease caused by a bladder infection. It usually occurs after having sex. This is most common in couples who have just married and honeymooned. Because of frequent sex, it has a high chance of infection and disease. This is the origin of the name "Honeymoon disease" itself.

Symptoms of the honeymoon
When sick with a honeymoon Will have the following symptoms

1. Burning urine There will be a burning sensation at the end of the urethra.

2. Urinary incontinence Or some people may not urinate the most Feeling unable to urinate, having to go to the toilet often

3. Some people may have pain and burning in the lower abdomen.

4. Urinating frequently both day and night Which symptoms like this Found in people with symptoms of cystitis with


This disease can be cured in 5-7 days, just follow the instructions below.

1. Abstain from sexual activity So that the symptoms get well first

2. Drink a lot of water. It will help to expel the germs from the body through urine faster.

3. See a doctor in order to perform a thorough treatment. This is to prevent the infection from spreading. To other organs This may be a disadvantage if left until the infection has entered the bloodstream.

Prevent honeymoon disease

For the prevention of honeymoon diseases This can be done in the following way.

1. Drink a lot of water. At least 8-10 glasses a day

2. Cleaning care Always clean genital hygiene.

3. Have sex properly. Not too harsh and not too often Including having to clean the genitals after having sex

4. You should not hold your urine for a long time.

5. During sex often. Notice that there are symptoms of urinary disorders or not. If found to be abnormal Should seek immediate medical attention.

6. Exercise regularly. This will help add strength to the body. Good protection against infection

7. Eat 5 food groups, including a wide variety of food choices.

8. Get enough sleep.

Sex is a natural thing for us. But sex is appropriate, especially during the honeymoon. Should not be done too often in a short time. Because it will cause inflammation of the urethra And can lead to a honeymoon In addition, you should always take care of yourself following the advice above. To prevent getting sick with this disease itself.

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