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Updated CVS commands - OLD CVSROOT was specified.


Project of powerful ViM configuration files. ViM is a quality text
editor with huge set of features. Vimconfig is project of highly
tuned ViM configuration files for ViM developed over 5 years.

See vim/doc/FEATURES.txt file for getting help. Read this file with ViM for
better reading.

This document is fast howto install this vimconfig.

Copy content of vimconfig/ directory somewhere in your home directory.
Suppose that it will be ~/prog/vimconfig/. Go to this directory
(~/prog/vimconfig/) and type 'make install'. Or simply create symlinks
in root of your home directory:

    cd $HOME
    ln -s prog/vimconfig/vimrc .vimrc
    ln -s prog/vimconfig/vim/ .vim    

Installation is done.

If you get vimconfig from our CVS repository, than further updating is
very simple. Go to directory ~/prog/vimconfig/ and type this command:

    cvs update

And that's all folks.

You can checkout vimconfig from CVS Repository manualy running command:

    cvs -d login
(Simply press <ENTER> at password prompt.)
    cvs -d co vimconfig

Visit also website of vimconfig project at


More scripts/plugins for ViM can be found at .
Some scripts has been included into vimconfig distribution, because
they are handy. Some of them may be changed, some not updated over
long time. You can check new versions at these links:


Thanks to all authors and contributors of these scripts.

Developed by Lubomir Host 'rajo' <rajo AT>
Copyright (c) 2000-2005 Platon SDG,

Comments, suggestions, bug reports and patches are always welcome.  Please
e-mail them to the address <platon AT> or use bugtracking system at

The latest official release of vimconfig is available from:

This document was written by Ondrej Jombik in 28th March 2002. Updated 9th Mar 2005.

Platon Group <>
Copyright © 2002-2006 Platon Group
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