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Súbor: [Platon] / tucniak / TODO (stiahnutie)

Revízia 1.1, Fri Nov 11 16:26:31 2005 UTC (18 years, 8 months ago) by koli

Initial import

Topic 1 - Phone, Email, Address editation
    -create t_c_phone, t_c_email, t_c_address in ./api
    simmilar structure as existing t_c_person and t_c_company
    maybe it would be necessary to create new data structures like
    T_PHONE, T_EMAIL, T_ADDRESS in lt.h 
    consisting only of T_CELLs with primary data
    -every file should contain form for editation. 
    All necessary new lt_c_* functions should be placed in file lt_c.c with 
    description in file lt_c.h.
Topic 2 - Localization
  -replace all 'Slovak' string arguments in all *print* functions with 
  gettext function and create SK (EN,CZ,...) localization file
Topic 3 - Color(ization)
  -create new functions (or whole library) in TT (somethig like TTC)
  that would work on color terminals. There should be something like
  XML configuration file, where could be changed predefined color scheme.  
  Very important is to create good XSD file describing 
  the XML color scheme structure. For parsing to use existing xmlparse library
Topic 4 - Date input function
    Create tt_date_get(POS, char *date) widget that would handle the
    user date editing. See tt_datum widget that is special localization
    of date input used in CE countries
  change the T_* objects defined in lt to TL_* objects
  change the T_* objects defined in tdb to TDB_* objects
  maybe change "lt" to "tl"
  move ncurses linking from sysdep.h to tt.h
    T_ROWs about T_ITEM are created in local function, but data 
    are left in memory after end. Can it stay this way or not?
    When no, there must be made dynamic memory alocation.
    -REDUCE struct T_DB???;     

        ..filter when col_description width = 0 jump over this column
            (ugly code is now in tt_table - move to filter function)
        searching when values are ordered integers(numbers)
            is NOT working well
            ??? HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM - is there any universal solution???
    -solve dependencies between header files (check whole compilation)
        current state api->tt.h->lt.h->tdb.h->sysdep.h
        (tt.h should depend only on tdb.h and not also from lt.h)

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