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Revízia, Fri Nov 11 16:08:23 2005 UTC (18 years, 8 months ago) by koli

Zmeny od 1.1: +0 -0 [lines]

Initial import

    -gettext localization 
        ..filter when col_description width = 0 jump over this column
            (ugly code is now in tt_table - move to filter function)
        searching when values are ordered integers(numbers)
            is NOT working well
            ??? HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM - is there any universal solution???
    -solve dependencies between header files (check whole compilation)
        current state api->tt.h->lt.h->tdb.h->sysdep.h
        (tt.h should depend only on tdb.h and not also from lt.h)
v0.1.11 (10.4.2003
        QS - see tdb.h (new db handling affecting especialy tt_table)
        table_sql was changed by table_qs (more flexibility)
v0.1.10 (5.4.2003)
        code clean up
        preparing for 0.2.0 release with functional person and
        company handling. 
        sql new functions to create SQL command
        table small changes using new tdb_sql
v0.1.9 (4.5.2003)
        T_PERSON struct changed
        -code and structure clean up 
        -person list usable
v0.1.8 (4.4.2003)
        [EDITUJ], and [ ULOZ ] working for basic parameters with db
        lt_c_person- get_data and set_data 
v0.1.7 (2.4.2003)
        lt_c_person menu in form
        menu changed code
          (now agrgument 'GList items' is also cursor to "default" position)
v0.1.6 (30.3.2003)
        lt_c_person.status in game
        fixed national characters drawing
???    (WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN mvwprintw AND waddch)
        object editing cycle
v0.1.5 (23.3.2003)
        table_next(previous) BUG REMOVED
            by empty lt_table was segfault
        table_list BUG REMOVED
            by empty lt_table was segfault
            SQL commands filling struct lt_c_person from db
        t_ab - showing info about person (no design very ugly)
v0.1.4 (19.3.2003)
        table_list BUG REMOVED
            not listing correctly when win was moved from 0,0
        table_search BUG REMOVED
            by empty list was segfault
        ADRESAR-listing persons in db in own window

v0.1.3  (17.3.2003)
        -new directory with api code (just the beginning)
        -new directory with slovak version of GNU GPL
        -copyright notices
v0.1.2  (17.3.2003)
        tdb_table_fill -bug removed (last row was not included in GList rows
        tt_table_sql - new object based on tt_table with filter function
        tt_table -now should be used only as a combo menu without ability
                    to search in various columns
        new struct tdb_table includes:
            -GList pointers to data 
            -memory -where data is stored (MYSQL_res);
        changed tdb_table_fill, free according to this struct
        (now working properly)
        -sql create and dump scripts (not similar with official datamodel)
        -independent directory just stores tdb routines for Postgre
        (has different tdb structure)
        tdb_init - initialization (close) of Postgre connection
        tdb_init - initialization (close) of MySQL connection
        tdb_table - changed arguments
            ???where are stored values after mysql_free_result is called???
        tt_table - small changes in cursor movements and pk-value
        tt_datum - special localized date control object 
                usable but doesn't handle incorrect inputs
        tt_get_number - new control object 
                usable but doesn't handle incorrect inputs
        lt_cell    - borned from lt_col (which dosen't exist anymore)
                - lt_col functions still working
        tt_menu - horizontal and vertical menu (new control objects) usable
        new directory with usefull functions for next code of api
        tt_table almost complete
        tt_get_str usable
        -new directory with usefull code 
        (g_slist_remove_last, str_remove_char)
        tt_table - search working properly
        tt_get_str (new control object) working well
        -new design of return values 
        are not GList pointers but int error handling
        -tt_table completly rebuild
        -tt_get_str- new object in tt used in tt_table_search

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