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Revízia 1.11, Sun Oct 28 14:37:23 2012 UTC (11 years, 8 months ago) by rajo

Zmeny od 1.10: +8 -0 [lines]

Changed homepage to and CVS migrated to Git:

    - release version 1.23
    - added options --no-tls-verify and --tls-ca-path, thanks to Alexander Weidinger <aw AT>

    - CVS repository of sendxmpp migrated to Git repository
    - Homepage URL changed to

    - Added support for 'chat' message type. Implemented modified version of
      messsage-type-chat.patch from Marc Mims <marc AT>
      Supported message types are 'message', 'chat', 'headline'.
      Default message type is 'message'.

    - Fix: fixed parsing of account with specific connection host
      Thanks to Klaus Alexander Seistrup <klaus AT>

    - Fix: config file permission check did not allow read only file (Andrej Mikus)
    - Fix: authentication to Google Talk server (Andrej Mikus)
    - Feature: added a -l/--headline option to sendxmpp, to allow to send
      a headline type message(Jerome Sautret <>)

    - Fix: groupchat message doesn't has subject attribute. Thanks to Jakub Tucek <public AT>

    - Added support for raw XML messages. Thanks to David Ammouial <da AT>
    - Documentation enhancement. Thanks to David Ammouial <da AT>

    - Fixed sending of UTF-8 messages: patch from Denis Shaposhnikov <dsh AT> [2006-03-31]
    - Print error message on connect error. Patch from Jean-Baptiste Quenot <jbq AT> [2006-07-17]
    - Added multiple recipient patch by Lubomir Host 'rajo' <rajo AT> [2006-08-30]
    - Fixed bug with -message parameter. Thanks to Thomas Warnick <thwarnick AT> [2005-09-06]
    - Homepage URL changed to

2006-09-25: maintainer change
    - New maintainer is Lubomir Host 'rajo' <rajo AT>, jabber: <rajo AT>

2005-05-07: version 0.0.8 released.
    - add options to specify non-default ports
    - updated documentation

2005-05-02: version 0.0.7 released / version
    - add --interactive mode to send from stdin line-by-line
    - fix for typo ==>
    - documentation updates

2004-12-07: version 0.0.6 released.
    - fix for installation paths 

2004-12-01: version 0.0.5 released.
    - don't be too picky about passwords
    - verbose output
    - better error handling
    - improved documentation
    - use subject for chatroom

2004-11-21: version 0.0.4 released.
    - small fixes
    - packaging (after Gentoo request)
    - documentation (man)

2004-11-17: version 0.0.3 is released. New features are:
    - Support for authentication using SSL/TLS;
    - Support for sending messages to chatrooms;
    - Support for providing login information on the command line;
    - Improved error handling;
    - NOTE: the .sendxmpprc format has changed.

2004-11-01: version 0.0.2 released. Initial release

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