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Revízia 1.8, Sat Apr 5 16:28:23 2003 UTC (21 years, 3 months ago) by yenar

Zmeny od 1.7: +3 -0 [lines]

add note about copp rewrite for 0.2.4 [NEWS]

libco 0.2.4
    - the copp was completely rewritten using the iotta framework

libco 0.2.3
    BEWARE: this version depends on python2.2 headers & libs -- this
    dependency will be factored out, but this will take place after copp

    BEWARE (2): The API changed quite a lot from last version...
    - very basic python support - with specially-crafted objects it already
      works - but argument types are limited to int and return value is
      ignored - for now
    - vastly improved co_exception (cox_*) subsystem: now it supports
      arbitrary number of cleanup stacks -- and also it underwent preliminary
      preparations for thread-safedness
    - introduced the concept of object flavours
    - implemented until-now-forced message apparatus as "small" flavour (the
      destroy flag and method array)
    - implemented the event handling as "default" flavour, operating on top of
      "small" one
    - re-did the object layout - now we have data pointer instead of embedding
      header into custom struct's (objects used to be implemented this way in
      ancient times in then-forming libcwe IIRC)
    - new constructor style - the <objtype>_new function is generated by copp:
      it will call the flavour's object instantiation and then send "init"
      message to the object; "bless" is reserved for user initialisation of
      object (and can take arguments, like the old constructors could)
    - semi-automatic clone support -- you can get cloning by providing
      "copy_data_from" and "copy_data_deep_from" methods for your object --
      everything else is taken care of by libco
    - object destruction underwent some re-work -- now there is "delete"
      message that should be safe to send in any situation; the "destroy2" and
      "destroy" methods are layered below "delete", where "destroy2" is
      reserved for flavour implementation and "destroy" is for object
      implementators disposal (and shalt be called from inside destroy2);
    - co_super now accepts "exit" message (which replaces "destroy" as
      introduced in 0.2.2)
    - co_super is returned by new co_init function (do NOT use co_super_new --
      it is broken badly)
    - most important: added more entries to the THANKS file :)

libco 0.2.2
    - improved plugin system, added module loading testcase
    - renamed various __mod_init functions, so their purpose is clearer from
      the name
    - improved and cleaned up documentation
    - began porting to win32-cygwin
    - destroying co_super cleanly shuts the program down
    - cleanups

libco 0.2.1
    - table-driven default message handler
    - basic adding of methods at runtime
    - simple reflection mechanizm (query for method existence)
    - CO_ATTR ridded of first (redundant) argument

libco 0.2.0
    - now officially standalone project
    - new code preprocessor: copp
        - new ID model
        - new method definition style
        - new message handler
    - improved co_m_v performance - no more COX_TRY block there
    - improved packaging
        - removed intl/
        - upgraded to gettext 0.11.5
        - fixed libltdl problems - ltdl.[hc] is now included in libco if
    - prepared to import into platon cvs

libco 0.1.8
    - each error (exception) code can associate error description string
libco 0.1.7
    - separate package (was part of tucniak release)
    - minimal gettext support

---- old versions ----
these come from time, when libco was part of tucniak release; parts unrelated
to libco were deliberately stripped (you can find them in old tucniak-0.1.6

tucniak 0.1.5
    - testsuite works again
    - one more overhaul of libco
    - improved stability
    - throws out-of-memory exceptions on rand () basis :-) (for testing)
tucniak 0.1.4
    - implemented CSEH in libco
    - new object in libco: co_vector (it is barely tested and still unused)
    - internal rearrangings in libco
    - many important bugfixes (in libco and elsewhere)
    - started big reformatting of code
    - disabled testsuite for this release (it is partly out of date)
tucniak 0.1.3
    - regression test suite
    - improved ISO C99 (standard ISO C from year 1999) compatibility
    - libco has new type/action/event id handling
tucniak 0.1.2
    - new library - libco - with new object engine

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