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Súbor: [Platon] / libcfg+ / TODO (stiahnutie)

Revízia 1.37, Mon Jan 12 05:59:22 2004 UTC (20 years, 6 months ago) by nepto

Zmeny od 1.36: +3 -1 [lines]

TODO update.

libcfg+ TODO list

- standard files such as README, AUTHORS, TODO an so on are not installed
  into /usr/doc/ together with other documentation
* when building on Gentoo Linux, make.conf CFLAGS are not used in addition
  to our libcfg+ compilation flags

* implement functions for multi properties manipulation:
  - cfg_clear_properties()
  - cfg_add_properties()
  - cfg_remove_properties()

- implement boolean datatypes initialization arguments properties;
  with '0', 'off' and 'disabled' defaults for FALSE and '1', 'on' and 'enabled'
  defaults for TRUE
* cfg_set_cmdline_context() reimplementation from argc to begin_pos/end_pos; it
  will allow parse a subset of items from string array; also create
  cfg_(set|get)_cmdline_context_by_argc() macro to get old behaviour of
  cfg_(set|get)_cmdline_context() functions (begin_pos is 0, end_pos is argc-1,
  context has CFG_PROCESS_FIRST flag not set)
* variable arguments (va) functions for property manipulation
* clickable references to real properties of every virtual property in

* implement multiple outputs from single SGML sources; we need at least
  - man page
  - changelog

* `make distcheck' doesn't work due to error during documentation generation;
  html/* and doxygen/* doesn't exists because they have hardcoded paths to sgml
  and *.h sources in its configuration files and appropriate Makefile parts
+ rewrite special properties manipulation
  - old code was removed, only in props.c was left commented
  - make appropriate changes in documentation
  - check doxygen documentation
* rewrite context flags stuff
  * rewritten, but virtual properties need also implement
  * quotations reimplement
* move Doxygen building stuff to doc/ directory

* linking to our library doesn't work (props.h is missing); we need also
  install another headers, prefered models in /usr/include:
    1. cfg+.h, [cfg.h], cfg+/cfg+.c, cfg+/props.h
    2. cfg+.h, [cfg.h], platon/cfg+.c, platon/props.h
    3. cfg+.h, [cfg.h], platon/cfg+/cfg+.c, platon/cfg+/props.h
  or we can
    4. modify existing code not to use #include "props.h" directive
  - if you fix this, try to compile and link examples/example.c again installed
    library into system (hint: use export LD_LIBRARY_PATH to specify place of
    library files when run example binary)
  - solution no. 4 was choosen and implemented

- building stuff:
  * normal 'make' SHOULD NOT build documentation (not everyone have docbook
    installed on his or her system)
  * move examples into doc/ and make appropriate 'make install' update
  * name and version substitution in doc/sgml/libcfg+.sgml
    - done (rajo)
  * date substitution in doc/sgml/libcfg+.sgml
  * make install should call make install in doc/
  * make install in doc/ should install into /usr/share/doc/ (?) these
    subdirectories: doxygen/ sgml/ html/
    - finally /usr/doc/ was used
  * make doc should call make doxygen and make doc in doc/
    - done (rajo); use 'make documentation' not 'make doc'; doc target conflict
      with name of directory
  * make doc in doc/ should call make html, make pdf, ... in doc/
    - done (rajo)
  + make <format> in doc/ should generate appropraite documentation format and
    move it into separate directory (available formats should be html, pdf, ps,
    tex, rtf, txt)
  * solve install problem when library files (especially symlinks) are already
  - if 'ln' is not present, than use 'cp -l'
  * doxygen building stuff move to doc/ file
    - done (rajo)

* think about CVS tag (not) in header
* think about own CVS tag $Platon
  - implemented
* rename to libcfg+; that cover: CVS project rename, cfg.c and cfg.h files
  rename, distribution directory name, ...
* missing, rebuild, must be in distribution?
  - rebuild is useful
  - is for help purpose of users
  - missing - removed, because we don't know what it is for
* objects from str/ are created in level-up directory - is it OK?
  - yes it is; use -o option to specify location of object files or use the
    same option for specifying new unique object filename in the same directory
    (so str/strplus.c will compile into str/strplus.o or str_strplus.o)
* move sources into src/ subdirectory (also with str/)
  - done (rajo)
* move documentation into doc/ or docs/ subdirectory
  - done (rajo)

* implement config file end_pos (in both modes, positions and line)
  - line mode tested, works fine; position tests needed
* get_cur_opt_idx() will return number of line in config file context
  - implemented; set CFG_FILE_LINE_USAGE flag to use line arithmetic
- make clearly understandable stuff around cfg_reset_context() and
  cfg_set_(cmdline|cfgfile)_context() function
- multi booleans in config file should be also initialized via var = value

- option aliases (really needed?)
- case insensitive options (isn't this a little bit strange idea?)

+ number of spaces in cfgfile option names should not be relevant in compare
  with real option names in file; that means "multi int" is the same as
  "multi  int" and "multi\tint"
  - seems to be fixed, but needs testing
+ fix this bug: numbers in format 09 cannot be converted to decimal data type
  - it is not bug, it is feature: numbers started with 0 are considered to be
    in octal format; similary numbers started with 0x or 0X are considered to
    be in hexadecimal format; so 09 is really invalid, because in octal format
    this number is not correct

- in cfgfile multi lines handling don't trim all left white characters in 2nd
  or more part of multi line, but substitute it for one space; this the same
  behaviour as it is for right white characters trims in all parts of multi
  lines excepts the last one

* make cfgfile.c and cmdline.c to be standalone and compileable files;
  shared functions prefix by __cfg and move it to the shared.c;
  make HUGE warning in shared.h for normal user not to include that file

* universal, but customizable cfg error handle stuff
  - should work fine

* get_multi_line() will return return code according to error and pointer
  to buffer will be passed as function parameter
* parameter to specify end of line postfixes for multi lines quotation thinking
* (oh no! ;-) multi arguments quotations and separation (split_multi_arg()
* function) single argument quotations (unquote_single_arg() function)
+ also ability to turn quotations off (any idea how will this be useful? ;-)
  - there is a possiblity to specify quotation prefixes/postfixes; just clear
    them to turn quotations off

* functions str_left_trim(), str_right_trim() for white characters removing
* macros ltrim(), rtrim() or str_ltrim(), str_ltrim()
* macros str_trim(), strtrim(), trim()

* leftover arguments dual mode:
  1. can have valid options after leftover arguments
  2. after first leftover argument is all cosidered as leftover argument
  Default initialization will be according to POSIXLY_CORRECT environment
  variable. Can be changed by changing context flags.
  - POSIXLY_CORRECT environment lookup not implemented
* better stuff for manipulating with context flags (add, remove, clear, ...)
  - cfg_set_context_flag(), cfg_clear_context_flag()
    and getting info functions cfg_get_context_flag(), cfg_is_context_flag() 

* universal functions with strdyn context properties manipulation and
  create appropriate macros
* cfg_add_cmdline_stop_str() and similar function should return
  result if item was successfully added into string list

* for each numeric data type (INT, UINT, LONG, ...) tests if range
  checks works properly; for INT it doesn't
  - it works, but int and long seems to be the same datatype
* fix ULONG argument parsing (there is strange strtoul() behaviour)

* command line stop string implemented
* create strdyn_create_ar() and link strdyn_duplicate()
* boolean multi options initialization handling
* multi options detection and error handling
* string data type support added
* string multi options initialization handling

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