phpMyEzin linking capabilities

This is list of possible linking tags optionally used in phpMyEzin content text fields.

Article linking

Links article with defined ID or key.

<article-link ARTICLE-ID>
<article-link ARTICLE-ID>text to link</article-link>

Section linking

Links section with defined ID or key.

<section-link SECTION-ID>
<section-link SECTION-ID>text to link</section-link>

Author linking

Links author with defined ID or key.

<author-link AUTHOR-ID>
<author-link AUTHOR-ID>text to link</author-link>

Repository file linking

Links file or image in the upload repository.

<image-link path/to/image.png>
<image-link path/to/image.png>text to link</image-link>
<repository-link path/to/repository/file>
<repository-link path/to/repository/file>text to link</repository-link>

E-mail address linking

Make e-mail address clickable.

<mail-link>text to link</mail-link>

Common URL linking

Create common URL link, link to repository file or link to portal file or directory.

<link path/to/repository/file>
<link path/to/repository/file>text to link</link>
<link /path/to/portal/directory/>
<link /path/to/portal/directory/>text to link</link>
<link>text to link</link>

Extern URL linking

Creates extern URL link, relative link or link to portal file or directory. This kind of link will be always opened in new browser window.

<extern-link path/to/relative/link.html>
<extern-link path/to/relative/link.html>text to link</extern-link>
<extern-link /path/to/portal/directory/>
<extern-link /path/to/portal/directory/>text to link</extern-link>
<extern-link>text to link</extern-link>

Image displaying

Displays image from the repository.

<image path/to/image.png>
<image path/to/image.png>image alt text</image>
<image>image alt text</image>

Flash animations

Displays flash animation from the repository.

<flash path/to/flash.swf width="30" height="15">
<flash path/to/flash.swf width="30" height="15">flash alt text</flash>
<flash width="30" height="15">
<flash width="30" height="15">flash alt text</flash>

Note, that particular ID, file or link definition cannot be quoted. Text to link cannot contain any HTML tag, even < and > characters are forbidden.

Furthermore, every tag can be enriched by adding appropriate HTML attributes vith values after particular ID, file or link definition. This is especially useful with <flash> tag, since it would not work without width and height attributes.

Please note, that such attributes with their values cannot contain > character, as it is described in all HTML version specifications.