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Revízia 1.3, Fri Apr 12 17:33:02 2002 UTC (20 years, 7 months ago) by jombik9

Zmeny od 1.2: +41 -5 [lines]

Multi user support implemented.
Only enabled signatures are now written in ~/.s.db file.
Documentation update.


This package is powerful signature generator with ability for multi
users and/or accounts. Usage is simple. Follow these steps.

1. Create your signature file. Put there all your signatures and
separate them with "~~". If you want disable some signature, separate
it with "~~!!". You can start and end you signature line with '`'
character to specify code to generate signature.

2. After you have signature file created, put it fe. into data/
subdirectory. Edit 'hash.cfg' file. Structure is described in that
file itself. You can define particular signature for various user/host
combinations. Note, that the closest match will be used, but only if
specified file exists.

3. Edit appropriate constants in '' file. You can change
you signature separators, which are described above. There are also
directories and so on, you can probably this step safely skip.

4. Create alias for '' script. Note, that '' is main
script. Script '' is called from, don't use it
directly. So put in your ~/.bashrc something like this:

alias pine="$HOME/prog/scripts/sign/ `which pine`;"

5. Now you have sign properly configured. Your actual signature is
situated in ~/.s file. Actual date is in ~/.d file. All your enabled
signatures are in ~/.s.db file.

6. Have fun!

Developed by Ondrej Jombik <>,
Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Platon SDG,

Comments, suggestions, bug reports and patches are always welcome.
Please e-mail them to the following address: <>

The latest official release of libplaton is available from:

This document was written by Ondrej Jombik in 12th April 2002.

Platon Group <>
Copyright © 2002-2006 Platon Group
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