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Súbor: [Platon] / Metafox / lib / PEAR5.php (stiahnutie)

Revízia 1.1, Fri Jun 17 13:56:38 2011 UTC (13 years, 1 month ago) by igor

update PEAR, DB, Mail,
added PEAR5.php (PEAR required),
fixed DEPRECATED functions (eregi, split) in Platon class

 * This is only meant for PHP 5 to get rid of certain strict warning
 * that doesn't get hidden since it's in the shutdown function
class PEAR5
    * If you have a class that's mostly/entirely static, and you need static
    * properties, you can use this method to simulate them. Eg. in your method(s)
    * do this: $myVar = &PEAR5::getStaticProperty('myclass', 'myVar');
    * You MUST use a reference, or they will not persist!
    * @access public
    * @param  string $class  The calling classname, to prevent clashes
    * @param  string $var    The variable to retrieve.
    * @return mixed   A reference to the variable. If not set it will be
    *                 auto initialised to NULL.
    static function &getStaticProperty($class, $var)
        static $properties;
        if (!isset($properties[$class])) {
            $properties[$class] = array();

        if (!array_key_exists($var, $properties[$class])) {
            $properties[$class][$var] = null;

        return $properties[$class][$var];

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