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Revízia 1.4, Thu Feb 26 19:25:05 2015 UTC (9 years, 3 months ago) by nepto

Zmeny od 1.3: +4 -0 [lines]

Added entry TT #71401

Metafox TODO list

Nepto [26/2/2015]
- basic installation & database schema installation wizard
  (TT #71401)

Nepto [19/2/2005]
* tilde character (~) as non-breaking space for all content fields

Nepto [18/2/2004]
- section link types (normal, article, section)
- remove SET/ENUM from section and articles and use checkboxes for this
  (this needs support for checkboxes in phpMyEdit first)
- ID of article/section could/should be editable
- high memory consuption on own tags substitution
* return article_timestamp, section_timestamp and so on
* created_by, created_date, changed_by, changed_date on each object
- use new template system Savant (paraller with HTML_Template_Platon)
* when doing copy on article/section, session/accesses/messages count
  is copied as well, what is wrong; it should be zeroed
* $ezin_cfg['theme']['dir']/['url'] and $ezin_cfg['upload']['dir']/['url']
  created with coresponding template vars $ezin_themes/upload_dir/url
* index all tables to get more performance from DB server

Nepto [5/11/2003]
* article_item has 2 times article_atitle
- it is not possible to run off caching
* <image /path/to/server/file>

Nepto [25/6/2003]
- extend config with enabled/disabled features (messages, feedbacks, etc.)
* cached config (to have less evals during page rendering process)
- searching with focus on diacritics problems
* shared logins between Metafox admin part and client authentification part

Nepto [15/1/2003]
* if there is a PHP error in template and eval()-ed output already started,
  error page will be printed out with duplicate headers and so; implicit output
  buffering aound eval will solve this problem, but firstly I must recognize if
  this is what I want
- re-think how the section name/ID/key will be printed in feedback e-mail
  message subject, etc.

Nepto [6/11/2002]
- look at hotfix, which fixes selected message print and using Array
  from CGI environment in numeric (addition) operation
- make links in Bindings admin part clickable for view/edit
  (depending on permissions)
+ start normal version numbering with focus on this plan:
    0.5   - configuration in RDBMS
    0.6   - multilanguage content support
    0.7   - feedback form(s)
          - links and references 
    0.8   - caching
    0.9   - multilanguage admin interface
          - libraries reorganization
    0.10  - banners/campaings
    0.11  - polls
    1.0   - first public release (GNU/GPL) with full documentation 

Nepto [23/07/2002]
* make universal *_link building stuff; article_print is missing *_link
+ when two articles have the same access_key, give the newer one on request
  - need testing
* change $ezin_theme_directory variable to $ezin['theme']['dir']
- fix potencial bug when clicking on "Show all" and have selected some messages
- solve problem with sections with not empty link field (redirection problem)
* implemented unique buttons look in admin
* fixed messages admin bugs with multi article selectors, multi ip adresses
* message flood protection
- messages banned IP adresses
+ messages allowed tags
  - need testing anyway
* remove unneccessary check_db_handle() in
* query rebuilds in
* add MYSQL_??? parameters to mysql_fetch_array() in
* use mysql_free_result() in

Nepto [1/7/2002]
* set some template var when message save fails; than template designers
  could generate informational message
  - see for information about these variables
- fix articles selection in messages admin using phpMyEdit features
  to synchronize it with main article selector; you will need pretty_substr()
  function implmented in SQL (or MySQL)
  - or we can wait for new phpMyEdit which has set of wondeful features
* prefix functions in admin/inc/
* make nicer labels (Id -> ID, Ip -> IP, Email -> E-mail, ...)
* added javascript date field into pathed version phpMyEdit
* articles: showed (default), partialy removed (from global sections),
  completely removed
+ no. of articles in section
  - percentage support for limit field of sections
  - minus support for limit field of sections
* config table and admin table
* pages admin part
  - implemented via article keys; not needed now
* authors

Nepto [28/4/2002]
* messages admin reverse order list
* messages admin table 100% width
* sessions admin table 100% width
* add view functionality to messages
* headers update
+ improve input parameters parsing not to unseting variables; later in code
  don't use isset() for action detection, but empty()

Nepto [25/3/2002]
* show articles and editorials with date less than current date
* move functionality of 'hidden' section to 'disabled' section
* create 'hidden' section with showable articles
* ordered parameters for articles and messages
+ universal error handling stuff

- there is a little vulnerability: someone who doesn't use some feature
  (ie. messages) still have this functionality and messages can be added
  even if there are no links for it

Nepto [12/3/2002]
* data are fetched from database either in associate format, but also
  in numeric format; it tooks time when calling set(); fix it
  - fixed; MySQL DB results are also deallocated
* move config file to separate config/ subdirectory (it will cause 
  easier system update)

Nepto [19/1/2001]
* ezin_roles and ezin_logins tables to implement whole privileges stuff 
- add config option to enable 'l' or 'L' implied from non empty flag string
  (if user have a 'C' flag on some table, 'l' or 'L' is automaticaly set)
* filter tags in posted messages (good code is in PHP-Nuke, where admin
  can specify in config file all allowed tags)
  - good code was not in PHP/Post-Nuke, so our was written from scratch

Nepto [12/12/2001]
+ protect messages, articles and whole similar stuff again template engine
  processing; %STOP% and start %START% clausules should does the job
  - new template system solves this; need testing anyway
* %REPEAT:...% clausule in templete system and improve indentin in short
  message list
  - N/A (not applicable now)

Nepto [22/11/2001]
* users and their encrypted passwords in database table

Nepto [14-17/11/2001]
- the most discussed articles list
- in message admin: better invalid messages counting
  - what's this?
* save discussion parameters (author, e-mail, homepage) into user cookies
  and use it 
* wrapping long posted messages, setting max line size for posted message;
  inserting '\n' charcter after max line size should be enough
  - implemented through maximum word size
- add 2 booleans into messages: the first for posting e-mail notification
  on reply to message; second for ability to hide/show e-mail adress in
  full messages list

Nepto [2/11/2001]
* option parameter to show only path or full path with filename in links
  ( or
* removing HTML tags (especially JavaScripts) from discussion messages
  - configurable

Nepto [29/10/2001]
* group by select for Martin
  - N/A
* our authors (%AUTHOR_LIST%)
- another articles of this author
  - two lists should be created: one where article_author_id is the same as
    author_id and the second one where article_author_name is like author_name
* remove encoding columns
+ messages admin
  - there are bugs in listings
* globvars admin's part
  - what's this? admin configuration part?
* polls (look at phpMyPoll)
* articles read counter 

Nepto [21/10/2001]
* ezin_config table + admin's part
* ezin_messages admin's part
* theme directories restructoring (create subdirs for subtemplates, 
  main templates will be in theme root directory)
  - not applicable
* implement CGI parameters prefix: ezin_
  - finnaly done; but don't forget improve also input parameters parsing
* show selected messages
* change admin part: use simplier version of phpMyEdit (without orig vars)

Nepto [22/06/2001]
* include our patches of phpMyEdit in official distribution; it is neccessary
  for easy update after each release of phpMyEdit
  - phpMyEdit has new version 4.0
* external script run on specified section
* simple discusions phorum under each article
* articles counter
* multilanguage support
* some universal template stuff; what does this really mean? :-)
* more themes
* announce first release

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