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Fixed documentation.

Metafox installation notes

 1. Unpack archive.
 2. Move directory to web accessible place and run appropriate mode change
    (ie. with UNIX `chmod' command).
 3. Create new MySQL database or prepare an existing one. Table for Metafox
    are properly prefixed with 'ezin_' keyword.
 4. Load `sql/dump/mysql.sql' file into database.
 5. Load `sql/config/description.sql' file into database.
 6. Load `sql/config/data.sql' file into database.
 7. Edit `config/' file and write your particular
    database parameters.
 8. Access your Metafox installation using web browser. It should work,
    but now only with bad design.
 9. Access admin part of your Metafox installation by appending '/admin/'
    string to the current URL.
10. Log in. Username is 'admin', password is 'kofola'.
11. Go to 'Config' section and change 'E-zin URL' parameter to fit your needs.
12. Now should e-zin get new look, because due to proper links prefixing CSS
    stylesheet can be properly loaded.
13. All is done. Have fun!

If you create new theme for Metafox, please send it to project maintainer
Ondrej Jombik <>. Than he can include it into official
Metafox distribution.

If you recognize to use Metafox software, drop note at <>
e-mail address. Also if you have some problems, questions, patches,
suggestions, bug reports or notes, write message to the same e-mail

This document was written by Ondrej Jombik in 16th September 2002.

Platon Group <>
Copyright © 2002-2006 Platon Group
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