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Platon Software Development Group activities are divided into four main categories.

  1. Open source software development

    For us, open source software development is not only the programming, but also quality and extensive documentation of resulting project. Usually we try to add both types of documentation - user one (DocBook) and developer one (Doxygen, PearDoc2, etc.). Depending on our facilities, we also provide particular technical support for our products, either through e-mail or discussion forum boards on this website.

  2. Promoting open solutions

    We transplant open source software into awareness and common life of expanded public, private companies, but also state institutions, such as school segment, state administration and treasury, and so on. We show advantages of open source software over proprietary software. Finally, we advocate for using open formats for documents and audio/video records transmissions, internet standarts accepting, and license agreements and copyrights keeping.

  3. Internet websites creation

    Using own content management system (CMS) Metafox we created several internet portals with the same functionality, but but site-specific idiomatic design. Even thought this project is still being developed, there will be created also some new websites based on this system soon. Examples and references are listed on project homepage.

  4. Publication activities

    In our publication motion we deal mostly with open source software development and supporting, solutions of its using, and infrequently with interesting things on the internet. Publication goes primarily throught edition system of Platon.SK portal. In the past was some from our members ocassional contributors into various known internet magazines, such as,, and so on.

Further information can be found in our commercial activities.

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